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  1. You could always pay a jippo to do it. Then the police are guaranteed to do nothing about it.
  2. Haha lovely stuff! Is the ultimate detailer any good ? Never used it before.
  3. Sorry for that... although seems weird I come back on a week after you wrote this. My flex sensor must have been triggered! Old red, if I had my celica I could have done this :,(
  4. Do we have an elapsed time limit on it ? I'll open the extension to people if they can get near sellafield! Couple of brown points if you can get the housing for the Magnox in the picture before it's decommissioned; although you have plenty of time left...
  5. We look after our own don't we... unlike those civic lot
  6. Tell you what. My sales meetings are in Peterborough every month. I'll bring it with me when I'm next down; if you PM me your number we will arrange it.
  7. I love it; I would be interested to see how it responds. By the way; I have a AEM brand CAI intake hit for mine with the DENSO sensor and old pipercross panel filter if you want it. It's 2nd hand but I never put it on my car; I'd rather help another Celica brother out. I wouldn't charge you for it.
  8. Looks like an illusion. But the cover makes the filter appear further away from the engine, which is always nice for a RAM .
  9. I love this comment so much haha. It still makes me laugh; you got me there, it was the warranty queue.
  10. Nothing exotic unfortunately Spaff. I handed over my 107, celica and my Mrs 108 for another 108. She has the 1.2 VTi engine in her current one and it is shocking for crawling in traffic. (great for a car designed for city driving) she loved the way the 107 drove bit didn't want to sacrifice on the benefits the 108; so went for the 108 with the same 1 Litre toyota block from the 1st generation Ago/ C1 / 107's. At least if you close your eyes it sort of sounds like a V6, sort of. Sorry mods for the heresy pic [love you!]
  11. Parted ex-ed him. then I saw 3 gen 7's; a 140 and 2 GT's. I flashed them still thinking I was driving mine. On the way home it took me 35 minutes to get from the M60 Stockport pyramid roundabout onto the slip road (that doesn't include the time spent crawling to the roundabout). I wouldn't have wished that on the old boy; but it kind of reminded me how bad the traffic is to actually enjoy the 190. I couldn't even get the space to hit lift over 19 miles. Farewell:
  12. Aye it happens. I got my rear subframe all sorted and golden; not many days later I bottomed out over a speed bump and pushed the exhaust mid section into the fuel tank and the rear pipe into the newly painted subframe. Upon parking the car at its destination from that same journey, someone keyed the passenger door and over into the quarter panel. Then upon leaving said destination I curbed an alloy round the corner. 2 steps forward and 1 back; but you will get there eventually! Unless you take the cowards way out, like me. Freeman; all I can say is that I am offended. It may be just a joke to you; but I know someone with financial difficulties and I am sure I can find someone with 1 kidney of which I can get to know them so I can feed off their problem. 《Enter your disclaimer here about said joke being just that》 I've heard you can get £3k for a testicle. And thats just the one: so who says you can't have your cake and eat it.
  13. Granted; the actual money for the car is peanuts. Considering I need to save 20k in 2 years. But the cost of owning / repairs and general maintenance of 2 cars will stack up to quite a bit. I can't honestly say if it's a lemon of a car or not. The problem is that I have spent money voluntarily on it because I love the car. The rear subframe needed addressing but I think that's general maintenance on these things now. The cars never failed in me but I have always had things looked at and changed on it before its got any worse, so I've probably spent more on it than was necessary. I've had a company car for 18 months and srill had the associated overheads. Where as now I'm starting to think about how glorious it would be to not have to pay any insurance / tax / maintenance... now that's a liberating thought. Edit. If I say I'm on minimum wage will you donate
  14. Cheers fellas. It sort of only make a sense by me consolidating a number of my outgoings which should free up £300 a month NETT. It does it sound like much I know, but with the added income it becomes a large enough number to go balls out for. Strange really as I thought more money would have made me more comfortable keeping it. Part of me knows this I think Dan. I can see myself coming back. Celicas are one of only a few cars which turn my head; but its more to do with the space and time associated with it. I can't even explain it to you mate, you have undergone more adversity than anyone on this club. The last few times I have taken her out on the road its not been enjoyable. (minus the lads round here on a meet; that's just carnage) the roads aren't maintained well enough for theae cars at this age; and there's so many mobile police, its becoming increasingly difficult to have some fun that and Oldham is a $hi7 hole.
  15. Cheers Free. I haven't even uploaded most of what I changed on it. To make things worse some little spanner has robbed my golden grill... must have thought it was real gold. First time I left it unattended in Ashton
  16. Morning all, As the title suggests. I will be selling the gen 7. I own 2 other cars and the costs of up-keeping all 3 of them was always budgeted for. However a recent pay increase has put me in a position where I might be able to get my 4 bedroom detached house by the time my current mortgage fixed period ends if I'm sensible; so after much thought, I'm going for it. The problem is not with the Celicas maintenance, it's the cost for me to get it 'perfect' in my eyes. That and the set backs caused with generally modifying and changing a car with the lack of space isn't helping. I'll upload a picture later of the bathroom. Filled with seats and panels; I don't know how I have got away with it! Just setback after setback, buying new air compressors and parts developing faults... I'm throwing all of the other cars in and upgrading the Mrs current car; and have been offered £900 for mine. I would rather it stay in the club; but ultimately the price above is with me stripping the TRD wing off it and the side skirts. It's a shame I can't take the subframe and rear camber arms off and swap them for someone . If someone wants it for £900 It's theirs. Otherwise I'll take the parts I can shift and sell onwards. I did P.M Gez to see if he wanted to straight swap the alloys with his for £100 on first refusal (4 new tyres with about 7.5mm tread on them!) But if others are interested let me know. Rather than making money I just want the car to help someone else's car be what I couldn't make mine: their perfection. With enough interest I could put an add up with full specification. To the lads who joined in the monthly meets I would still like to come along of you could +1 me. Maybe I could pay for the breakfasts (not Andy or Jeff though... I've seen your portions!)
  17. Thanks chaps. I don't seem to be having much luck with the alloys at the minute. I sub-consciously seem set of ruining them giving my last 100 miles driven! Now you mention it Alex I think that was how I did my last Celicas calipers in. I got that fed up of it I pulled it about 5 metres whilst it was sticking... You know when you shouldn't do something but your anger takes over I just need to paint it red now; squeak. To be honest it looks good in silver though. Maybe over time as the others fail it will all match up in about 6 months...
  18. For clarification; it was the rear passenger caliper. It did throw me as I checked fluids before I set off (it gets used on the weekend only) and all was well. Sat there pressing the pedal on my drive and it pissed; unfortunately my alloy is a mess; but new caliper and all's sorted. Thanks guys.
  19. Ta my friend. I'll be up round Aberdeen on the 12th June if you are free for a catch up . Hope you get some sunshine for some waxing! Jim, if your on the N.East coast I could probably pop over to see you if you want me to get in touch closer the time ?
  20. Thank you mate coming from the man who owns the nicest gen 6 in existence!
  21. Cheers Jim. You sent the rain down here... managed to get it waxed just beforehand though!
  22. Better than church of fudge... and i don't recommend that on the works laptop!
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