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  1. ScottChester

    Car share with a friend?

    I bought a track car with a good friend, as much as you think everything will be split 50/50 (costs, improvements etc) and you will share the enjoyment the 50/50 is hard to achieve. If it's on your drive you will end up doing more than your mate. If you going into it knowing this it's probably okay but overtime the sharing thing shifts
  2. Hi all Upgrading the disc and pads on our gen6 import next weekend and plan to change the fluid too. The car is mainly used for weekend fun and track work. Which fluid is the best to go for ? Thanks Scott
  3. ScottChester

    Celica featured on not2grand

    If you aren't already following them in twitter it's worth a follow. Anyway, not2grand have just ran a feature on the gen 7. Here is the link http://not2grand.co.uk/not-2-grand-cars/celica/
  4. ScottChester

    Celica featured on not2grand

    Lol, in general I think it's a decent article but you do have a point about the modding comments, I've seen very few chavved up celicas, imagine what they would write about the corsa c ! They also over state the "bullet proof" comments totally overlooking the issues with the pre-facelift 140s so it's probably best not to rely on them for detailed buyers guides. The not 2 grand site is usually pretty good for petrol heads on a budget though, often highlighting cars which you'd expect to cost way more than 2k.
  5. ScottChester

    Unplugging negative on battery ?

    Thanks all. I've gone ahead and in plugged it. Good point on the fuelling digs, will make sure to give it a good run before any track time. Good point on the charger Jim, I think my mate has one so I will see if I can borrow it.
  6. Hi all My car is just a weekend toy / track car. Battery keeps going flat while parked up which I assume is caused by the Clifford alarm draining it. I mate suggested taking the negative lead off the battery while is parked up. Is there anything I need to be aware of before doing this ? It's a 94 import model gen 6 2.0 Thanks
  7. Yep, likely the rear seat. On my old 7 I had a swimming pool also the seat and soaked up alot of water, drove without it for a week while it dried, liked the track car feel it gave me
  8. ScottChester

    What came in the Post Today?

    mine expires soon and i use the same bank. now all i need is a good car pic !
  9. ScottChester

    What came in the Post Today?

    now that Baz is just brilliant. best debit card i ever seen ! modified debit cars.. love it
  10. ScottChester

    Bloody dear!.. But bloody nice!

    the "12 o'clock line" isn't even straight!
  11. Happy 5 Anniversary ScottChester!

  12. totally agree. I would add that the only time it's a problem is if you come to sell the car so just keep hold of the original or plan to source one before you sell
  13. ScottChester

    What did you drive before your Celica?

    lol. there were awful cars. sister had one and it just felt dangerous on the motorway. oddly though someone nicked it... criminals in Leeds have low standards I guess:!)
  14. ScottChester

    What did you drive before your Celica?

    a brand new golf gti (2011) it was a company car and I'd moved job so had to buy one. wanted a celica since my mates dad had a brand new one in 2000. it was the seats I fell in love with. since the celica I've had a cliof 172. a BMW 320d and now an abarth 500. plan to get another celica as a weekend toy some time soon. question is gen 5 or gen 7
  15. ScottChester

    Car transporters ?

    Can vosa pull a private car over ? Thought they only had powers overa specially licences vehicles like hgv and taxi ?
  16. ScottChester

    Dang! Rounded wheel nut

    Usually suggestions are to force a smaller socket on either with a hammer and a bit of brute force or weld one on. I tried the above and failed so had to drill the centre out, destroyed 2 drills bits mind
  17. ScottChester

    Does anybody recognise this Gen 7?

    Yeah that's Manis car. Seen it a north west meets a few times buy must have been over 18 months since I last saw him. Really clean motor with tasteful mods. Mani is a good lad too
  18. ScottChester

    what have you done to your celica today...

    Lol. I was once told that you know you are a real cat guy when a. You wash your car in the rain and b. You buy the cheaper food in the petrol station shop so you can afford the fancy fuel for the car (car eats better than you do) lol
  19. ScottChester

    Suggestions on removing this snapped wheel nut

    I think Paulus has covered the 2 I would suggest. I lost the key nut from my corsa years back so had to remove 4 studs, drilled them out. Took a while and destroyed a drill bit but got there in the end. Plan b was welding
  20. ScottChester


    That's a very kind offer. Date dependant I for one would love to take you up on this. Having seen your dailies listed above id like to point out that if I win the lottery a gt4 would be in my garage right next to my Porsche..:-)
  21. ScottChester


    Lol. Still dreaming but not committing I've been in an st205 which belonged to supersai101 and it was epic, pretty sure his wasn't too far from standard either. Been offered a ride in martins but not managed it. Need a passenger ride in a 185 but your a bit far away dude..
  22. ScottChester


    Ahhh, see that's me not knowing my St numbers yet. I thought this was a gen 6 gt4 engine into a gen 5 gt4 handnt realised it was into a 2wd. I was interested in this thread anyway but now I'm super interested to see where it goes. Id never though of the compromises.. I work in project management so its all about balancing the triangle of time, cost and quality. Guess this is a power, comfort reliability triangle
  23. ScottChester


    Martin is (as I know you are sir) a GT4 expert so I'm sure he will give the right advice to ensure the setup is safe. When you go to his place there is everything from bog stock through to hugely modded (including martins own which was specced to show posers in R8s what fast really is :-)) What's your target bhp wise ?
  24. ScottChester


    Martin and scott are top blokes. Taken a few of my cars there and its just over and hours drive for me. They'll look after you
  25. ScottChester

    might buy tommorow

    http://www.celica-club.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/67763-what-to-look-for/#entry834790 Here you go dude. Gen 5 "what to look for" post