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Everything posted by Paulus3476

  1. Rarity with fords - most have rotted away
  2. Paulus3476

    might buy tommorow

    Price is very dependant on which st185, uk gt4 or carlos sainz ltd edition, or an import - the values vary quite a lot.
  3. CS is my favourite car of all time pretty much - but it's no match for an s4 delta, not even close. And as for the 205, haha
  4. Paulus3476

    Do you ever just "go out for a drive"?

    A few of us, just a few weeks ago, went for a 2 day - 700 mile drive, around North Wales. It was fun.
  5. Paulus3476

    seized caliper slider help lol

    Good point - I thought you had 205 callipers to fit, this would be a good time/oportunity to get it done.
  6. Paulus3476

    seized caliper slider help lol

    When siezed, the calliper will still rotate as the pin turns in the thread, so no chance of working it back and forth to free it off.
  7. Paulus3476

    seized caliper slider help lol

    Let me know if you have no luck getting it unsiezed, I'll have a rummage through my brakes to see what I've got.
  8. Paulus3476

    seized caliper slider help lol

    Yeh skinny, thick oil is no good - plusgas might do it, but I've had to scrap callipers because of this.
  9. Happy 5 Anniversary Paulus3476!

  10. That means he was trying harder
  11. Paulus3476

    omg! is this right?

    Your test won't work - as other people clearly have access to your car, and refuel it without telling you, the figures will be pretty meaningless.
  12. Paulus3476

    omg! is this right?

    I can't get that mileage from my gti - and that also has a 50 ltrs lpg tank, I smell a wind up.
  13. Paulus3476

    omg! is this right?

    If you can get 40 mpg from a wrc - I'll have one.
  14. Paulus3476

    omg! is this right?

    I think they trying to say,no - it won't do 41 mpg.
  15. Paulus3476

    celica GT vs GT86

    And the gt86 is hideous to look at, and it's not really a Toyota, and.......
  16. Paulus3476

    Pesky bluetooth/mp3 player

    Your handset is an antique now, come into the 21st century and all should be well.
  17. Paulus3476

    3 spoke vs. teddy bear

    It's always a personal thing with wheels, myself, I think the spokes are much too thin.
  18. Paulus3476

    3 spoke vs. teddy bear

    Nothing will ever convince me that they're anything but ugly on a gen 5.
  19. Paulus3476

    3 spoke vs. teddy bear

    I can probably help your decision making process,
  20. This persons mother probably loves her,but....
  21. Agreed, gen 6 are as ugly as sin.
  22. The only time a caldina is better than a gt4, is when your eyes are shut, and it isn't marginal
  23. I've got a white 185 shell here, but it needs togo quite soon, so probably no good to you.