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  1. Happy 6 Anniversary InsolentMinx!

  2. lol, be sure to buy some of those headlight eyelashes too, while you're tarting up your car!
  3. They have the feature every week... basically they dig through the classifieds and find the 'best' car up for sale around the £1000 mark. So they're gonna be old and probably outdated, but a possible worthwhile buy
  4. I like it. Is it supposed to sit flush on the paintwork, or are the edges meant to stick out like that? you need a new Club sticker, btw...
  5. http://www.pistonheads.com/regulars/ph-features-sheds/shed-of-the-week-toyota-celica/31621 Discuss edit: it even includes a link to CCUK!
  6. Well it wasn't really my intention to just have 1 person offer up pics, I thought you lot were more on the ball with these challenges! Fine, CheltGirl for the win, and her challenge is now active.
  7. Nice! But you don't have to try to park at all the manufacturers I listed!! I'm not sure I should count Lexus seeing as it's part of Toyota... Great work though CheltGirl. You're in the lead so far!! (and 'grats' on getting the car running again)
  8. If he wants to prepare for the worst thats his prerogative The chances of being in a crash are the same if he does or doesn't have the film, so why not err on the side of caution? I myself have been in a crash where the glass left various scars on my face and arms, so it's definitely a possibility... but that did involve a few rolls and a flip. I can't really say "if i recall", as I was asleep in the back seat, but I have been reliably informed I'm not sure if tint film on those windows would have helped... who knows!
  9. Well car windows don't really break into sharp pointy shards, they shatter into tiny little pieces. Ok, still sharp, but not quite like the shards that regular glass breaks into. And if tint-film is on the inside, most will probably stay stuck to the film
  10. well you've got til the 23rd Cheltgirl, so put the plan in action!
  11. Glad to hear there'll be a few competitors. Remember, it's the person who parks closest to the front door....
  12. Well it was supposed to close at midnight this Sunday... but it was extended til midnight on Sunday the 23rd, so get to that Honda dealer!!
  13. Well, tint film is applied on the inside... I guess if there's a film meant to stop people breaking into the windows then it might go on the outside; but the outside of the glass is going to be much dirtier and less smooth than the inside of the glass, so it might not adhere properly. Anyway, if you want to stop the glass from shattering inwards, then it makes more sense to have the film on the inside too.
  14. "It's tint-film Jim, but not as we know it...."
  15. Any window tint place will be able to stick a clear film on the windows instead of a tinted film. So just google for the one nearest you. The windscreen should be shatter resistant anyway, so it'd just be the sides and rear that need doing.
  16. Bubbling you say? I guess that gives a new meaning to body mods being classed as 'Aero'
  17. Unless Ray starts filling his moulds with chocolate to make fully edible sideskirts and spoilers
  18. But why is one mod ok because you like it, but another one 'blasphemy' because you don't? People are free to do what they wish with their cars, that's the beauty of the car scene. Be it a tried and tested method that's safe and guaranteed not to raise any eyebrows, or pushing the boundaries a little and attempting something new It might work... or I may have to eat my hat. But that's why if I have to wear a hat, I wear something easily digestible
  19. lol, the rivet on arches could look pretty good if the car's sufficiently lowered and with wide enough wheels.... i've not seen it done before
  20. It's a challenge for a reason Some who don't live near the coast can't take part in ones involving lighthouses and boats, so sadly not all challenges are possible for all members But I thought this is something that can be done any time of day, as you can usually park quite close even when the dealers are closed. Plus dealerships by nature are well spread over the country, so there should be at least one Japanese dealership within a couple of miles of most members... I just didn't want the thread to get stagnant while waiting for a deadline a month away, if a sense of urgency might have got people out and searching... Anyway, in the spirit of generosity, i'll extend it til the 23rd Nov.
  21. well... I guess I'll extend this to midnight Sunday 16th Nov...
  22. Thank you Carla The next challenge is to take a photo of your Celica, parked as close as possible to the front door of a rival Japanese car Dealership, ie. Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, Subaru, Mazda, etc Obviously you will need the signage included in the shot, to show which dealership it is. Bonus points if a car salesman is in shot too. Double bonus points if you get him to pose with your car. Deadline is midnight Sunday, and the winner will be the person who can get closest to the front door of the dealership. Best of luck ladies and gents
  23. Thanks David It was one of the last before I sold her Sadly not... they were there when I got here Officer.
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