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Everything posted by AdyGT

  1. Curbed an alloy on way back from Seaford toa due to large vehicle coming opposite way through a tiny villiage ... b#####d
  2. AdyGT

    The Slug is Coming back.... Maybe.

    Possibly welcome back mate hope all goes to plan!
  3. Beks does great work chris and hes very trusted and saved many cars over the years including mine a few years ago , he works unsociable hours and has told me many times to get there when I can to get work done even late in the evening ! The guy is a legend and will help anyone and the work he does not many mechanics would do the work he does
  4. AdyGT

    Longlife Stainless Steel Exhausts

    I had a back box made in a franchise in croydon and tbh I wasn't happy with the end result , they couldn't be bothered to unbolt a flange so cut it off and sleeved it to centre pipe instead and box was really loud with the car being an auto at the time so they agreed to put on another box but said I had to re use the chosen tail pipe tip and they would charge me extra too , the tip itself was poor quality and not the same shiny material as the box so overall poor service and quality for me and even when I desperately needed a centre Pipe I refused to go back so instead I went to powerflow but they too can be hit and miss as I had a front pipe made in one branch and service and quality was great but the branch lost there certificate with powerflow and they were waiting to hear about it being renewed but they didn't so went to another branch recently and they had to alter the pipe for another manifold and they really bodged it and ruined the great work of the original powerflow branch , my advice would be make sure you research the branch well wherever you want to go
  5. AdyGT

    Rust to Rome - Team Go Nads!

    Good luck guys, hope the car behaves itself . Looking forward to the updates
  6. I know how you feel on this one,I've had my gen 4 for about 5 years now and spent a large amount of cash on it ( I think I stopped counting at over the 5 grand mark ), in fact the past year and a half nearly 2 grand and 800 of that was since late December last year and it still needs about 2 grand or more to get it to where I would want it to be ! It went into floodwater in December 2013 after turning a blind corner and I sent the car down to beks who replaced the engine and did a manual conversion and an excellent job he did and massive amount of work and electrics to sort in the process but after that my car didn't feel like my car anymore I struggled to gel with it and still do tbh BUT I've been looking lately at replacements but so far the few I've driven on test drives haven't given me a good feeling so ill possibly hold onto the car until or even if I can find a car that gives me the vibes that yep this is good
  7. AdyGT

    Rust to Rome - Team Go Nads!

    Should have given him your number mate lol
  8. AdyGT

    Rust to Rome - Team Go Nads!

    I looked at one the other day mate that was over double the price you had to source this for and it had rust in the boot cambelt was way overdue and someone had bent all the sill seem where trying to jack it in the wrong place as well as a new handbrake cable supported with a shoelace, bonnet full of stonechips and it didn't drive well either the short distance I was allowed to test it so walked away, good luck with this guy's I hope you sort it all under budget
  9. AdyGT

    Looking for a Gen 6 GT

    Love the look of it mate
  10. AdyGT

    Looking for a Gen 6 GT

    I can understand mate what's the spec on it?
  11. AdyGT

    Looking for a Gen 6 GT

    That's sooooooo nice ant
  12. Hi all I have thought of looking at this car and had a chat with the seller http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/toyota-celica-st202-bargain/1101875842 He says it's got checkable mileage and had a hpi check when he bought it a year ago he sounds young and admits he knows not a lot on the car itself but says it's an ss11 Now I'm sure I've seen this before especially as it's got robs (likwidart )graphics all over it Any info would be helpful Cheers Ady
  13. AdyGT

    Anyone know this gen 6

    That's what I've been thinking as over the years spend a fair bit on the old car but to get it how I want it I'd be spending a few more grand and possibly more
  14. AdyGT

    Anyone know this gen 6

    Its a shame that happened mate but I know how you feel , sometimes you have to draw a line under how far do you go with the cars
  15. AdyGT

    Anyone know this gen 6

    For 200kmiles she looked good ,the engines are good for it but I hear the body is what to watch
  16. AdyGT

    Anyone know this gen 6

    Looney that was a stunning 6, not looked at that other one at the moment as I'm not convinced it straight and its not the easiest place to get to from where I am , I've got a couple I may look at , and took a peek at the red vert that's down with beks at the moment while I was dropping the gen 4 off for welding and mot so hopefully get that back in afew days
  17. AdyGT

    Anyone know this gen 6

    Owner states nothing came back on a hpi check when he purchased it and the dealer didn't say anything when he bought it
  18. AdyGT

    Anyone know this gen 6

    Dazols confirmed it had indeed been robs car and had side damage so the insurers took it he said the suspension was in need of replacing too at the time this was about 2 years ago so someone has repaired it and put it back on the road I suppose so I would as u me it's cat c registered but don't suppose it's worth the money he's asking
  19. AdyGT

    Anyone know this gen 6

    Daz thinks it was robs old one and was scrapped as it had a hit in the side as that's why the graphics are missing on one side
  20. AdyGT

    I am back!

    Welcome back rich ! Will be intersted to see how you get on with the 7
  21. AdyGT

    Nice Gen 5 "vert"

    Looks very nice indeed
  22. AdyGT

    Celica gone

    The mx5s are fun cars is it a mk1 or 2 ?
  23. About £ 4000 at last count but that was a while ago
  24. Yep covered in it but haven't got chance to clean it
  25. AdyGT

    Missed Portsdown today

    Sorry to hear this mate ! I did wonder what happened to you as I thought you were attending