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Everything posted by Sherv

  1. Sherv

    Giving up my Corporate stuff

    All the best from me mate, see you v soon
  2. Celica was covered LOL Other cars were covered though.Had this kind of thing before,hell of a job to get off
  3. Sherv

    Alfa GTV seats in a Celica

    Alfa seats were a mod I always thought about yonks ago if I went away from the old skool ones in my gen4.have to be sure to get ones that arent embossed with the alfa logo, same design as I had in my 156.lovely in an Alfa, daft in a Celica
  4. Sherv

    What to do about the graphics

    That Renault gold is a great colour. there are some quotes you just can't add anything to....
  5. Nowt major,added a couple of Beams stickers to front and back of car... At least you'll have an idea why you're being left behind.....
  6. Sherv

    Chips Away

    Like Izzz was saying the problem with silvers is the metallic, from a couple of angles it looks fine and then from one side it can look slightly mismatched, especially if you're laying new paint to blend in with older. Truth be told the money is in newer car repairs; 10 years and under .Chipsaway don't tend to do bonnets for example, or roof panels its all about localised repairs, corner scuffs, door scrapes that kind of thing. You want to be doing a few repairs a day to make a decent living so you have to be careful about what jobs you take on.i bet he thought hmmm 20 year old car in met silver. ..nah . However if you were local enough I would have come to at least look at the car just to see if I could.Even if you can't go through with the job there are ways of telling the customer that leaves them happy enough with your service still, and you might even get a recommendation as a knock-on if you come across right. That's what that game is all about
  7. Sherv

    Chips Away

    I looked into a Chipsaway franchise,it was only the outlay for the franchise itself that put me off in the end,I spent a day at their HQ and tried out their paint system,also did a few days out on the road with a couple of local-ish guys to get a feel of whats involved. To be fair,they don't tend to just give a franchise to any old monkey who fancies it.Its bloody hard work,doing a good job on someones drive is harder than you think.the guys i went with were very good but having said that im sure due to human nature there are some that arent quite as good.Silver is one of the worst smart repair colours to tackle,if its right in the middle of a panel,and its deep,its hard to get it looking 100% for sure.This guy does sound a bit vague though TBH.
  8. Sherv

    Great way to start a Monday morning.

    What a total sh**y thing to come back to.Makes my bloody blood bloody boil Agree with you though,if its financially viable you need to get it repaired yourself unfortunately,...insurance will just be a long term PITA,the slags.
  9. Sherv

    Missed Portsdown today

    Took my car for a late afternoon spin today,if you were a copper following me you'd have pulled me for suspicion of drink driving ,got to avoid so many BIG holes in the roads now its a joke.Defo have those pics to hand,any chance you can measure the depth of the hole (without getting yourself hedgehogged) http://www.potholes.co.uk/claims/how_to_claim
  10. Sherv

    Car keyed :(

    Hate seeing threads like this,one is too many but seems theres been a few recently.Scum. And yes AMS may be able to do you even a straight bonnet swap very reasonably
  11. Looking at getting a Thatcham 1 or 2 certified alarm for the ol' gen4 ....suggestions and idea of costs would be helpful ,many thanks.Has to be of that spec for insurance purposes,obviously needed to be fitted professionally
  12. Sherv

    Been lurking for too long!

    You will always aspire to be in our gang Dubs
  13. Sherv

    Been lurking for too long!

    ...but not the car's fault LOL. My car has had a lot of previous owners in its 26 years...one of them could have been Gary Glitter for all i know.As long as theres not a Vietnamese schoolboy stuffed in the spare wheel well,then who cares the car has been made my own. (I keep my schoolboys in the ashtray) Anyhoo,welcome to the club fella.Hope to see the car about
  14. Sherv

    Towing an auto. help please

    might take a while to sort itself out,like when we spoke its a case of making everything electrical and intake wise is dry and ok.Could do the TE1 short and see what that code was,itll still be stored in there.Short of that disconnect the battery again for a while and give it a good long while to sort itself out and get a few more miles on her
  15. A local herbert may be the way forward LOL
  16. Does look sweet,from that angle with the kit it needs the spoiler but I've seen it from many angles and despoilered it is verry nice and it benefits from not having one.ah the agony of choice.Its a great 7 though,and deserves serious respect for what you've done with it Myk.Quality 7
  17. Can get a Clifford concept G5 fitted for around £350..Toad sounds a good bet though,Also they always state 'dependent on vehicle'.Slightly concerned about what may be involved with my car,mainly the fact the car only has key entry and central locking only locks both doors if you lock it with the passenger lock.Never had it working properly.Also the fact that the wiring on the car is now kind of bespoke Bek-ness,gen6 JDM loom with some custom wiring to enable the gen4 bits that the JDM car didnt incorporate.So them looking at a gen4 wiring diagram aint going to be helpful.
  18. The car does sit for a while from time to time as its not a daily,thats another thing to take into consideration
  19. Car is on a private driveway overnight .blocked in by other cars but i'll be looking into the different options cost wise
  20. Yeah i will look into the local suppliers/fitters,just wondered what you guys thought.I had a Scorpion on my GT4 that was a massive pain in the ass
  21. cheers guys,thanks for the replies.Shaun,you have PM Hi Jeff,the thought had crossed my mind til i looked up the other day and saw how much they go for..
  22. Having sold on my OZ's,the centre caps had to go with them.Had them fitted on the Nakajima alloys that are on my car,these; Was always really a temporary fix,for aesthetic purposes as the Nakajima's didnt come with any originally.Never seen any caps for them,let alone another set of wheels like them for that matter.Anyhoo, now they dont have any centre caps again.Had a look on the bay at a couple,the diameter of the centre hole of the wheel itself is 58mm.Most seem to have 52 mm inner clip though when you read the small print. Which is obviously too small.Any recommendations?Dont have to be colour dependant particularly as I will obviously customise them later ;)Just need a good tight fit.