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Cloudy headlights after June sunny days - Quick clean up


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Noticed that the headlights had taken a bit of a beating after June's hot days. Didn’t fancy doing all that sandpapering work so used the Turtle wax headlight cleaner and sealant.

Did this by hand: Spent about 15 mins on each headlight using a micro fibre cloth wrapped around a scotch bright pad, just to give it a bit of firmness.

Quite happy with half an hour’s work and one less reason for the nasty MOT man to pick at.

As this is an abrasive just take care of the surrounding paintwork.

For comparison - 1st photo shows drivers side done and passenger side untouched.

(Apologies if this has been covered previously).


side to side.jpg





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Always good to hear of different methods to tackle this annoying problem. The MOT chap failed our old Rav on one occasion because of the cloudy headlights. Trouble is, it happens so gradually you sometimes don't notice!!


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Yes, I've got an old bottle of Plast-RX that has worked well, but it is nearly ten years old and could probably do with replacing.


I'd recommend a polishing mop on the end of an electric drill to enable you to do more with less effort. Do put a couple of layers of masking tape around the edges though. It takes five minutes to do, but, as others know, it can save you heartache.

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