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Crazy Cat Lady

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  1. what have you done to your celica today...

    Today i washed the engine under-trays and wiped them over clean, made the teas, eat a sandwich, and watched as the guys changed the radiator, water pump, thermostat, and refilled with fresh Pink coolant. We changed the hooter too, old fossilised OEM type went in the bin, new Fiamm fitted Forgot to take my camera so you'll have to take my word for it Debs
  2. Petrol prices :(

    Wow, the Shell-out posh petrol is only 1p a litre dearer than Tesco 99Ron! Filled up with Tesco momentum at Welshpool this evening = £1.28.9 a litre. BTW...why does it always ends with a .9 of one penny, i'm sure there is no such currency denomination?
  3. What came in the Post Today?

    Some good quality stone chip paint arrived here today. The first can will get used to protect the lip-seals that hang down along the sills. I'm not looking forward to the hour [or three] of preparation work, but that can gun holder should make the few minutes of spray time a pleasure. Also a Hilka wire brush set - good value for money for £4.80
  4. You're so lucky, i wish my garage had the space and grandeur
  5. what have you done to your celica today...

    Yeah... i suppose damper & springs are 'consumables' but in the longer term sense, hopefully at least a decade, and even if kept rust and tatty corrosion free they will still wear out anyway. Probably best to periodically go over the exposed metal areas with an oily rag and allow a grimy gunky look to offer some protection.
  6. what have you done to your celica today...

    My primarily concern is about protection from the dreaded tin worm, and then the general upkeep and maintaining a good appearance of 'things underside'. It don't look good to see rust, even slight surface rust, on parts underneath a vehicle. Looking at the photo below taken 3 years ago; this was my front suspension at 11 years old and 52,000 miles, the OEM springs are rusty and tired, obviously seen better days, the OEM strut dampers still have some life in them but look scruffy & corroded, especially the lower spring holders. The underside of those spring holders is where it would be very easy to add some anti-rust primer & top coat paint to the brand new ones before fitting; in the interest of applying a more hard wearing protective surface, and would assumably be easier to periodically clean up, perhaps include the lower strut leg too, these things are in a messy place, and direct line of fire. [Think British winters]. [Could also take the opportunity to paint this area the most distasteful colour of ones fancy to cringe the eyeballs of the most hardened MOT guy!] I also wonder about the addition of a detachable fabric strut sock to encompass the spring, a larger version of what is already available for coilovers (?) If the springs are clean and lightly oiled behind a protective curtain of fabric it should in theory cause them to last a lot longer than a decade...
  7. what have you done to your celica today...

    Pink may carry a risk of falling foul of MOT tester advisories - 'suspension parts in shockingly bad taste colour choice' I wouldn't want to risk any bureaucratic stray inking of my blotter. However, GOLD on the other hand is rather classy, and would coordinate with my brake callipers
  8. what have you done to your celica today...

    Thanks to AMS for supplying a few suspension bits, now have all the parts for front and rear Spent a very noisy hour with angle grinder wire brush some surface rust away plus a good pre-paint clean-up, and then a far more quiet hour applying two coats of primer paint. Will apply a top coat sometime over the weekend.... Right now i'm enjoying a more relaxful hour with a glass of that Cantele
  9. What came in the Post Today?

    Today i picked up a brand new rubber boot seal from Mr.T, and a couple of pads for me bunions
  10. What came in the Post Today?

    Gen 7 - rear shock absorber boots & bump stops suppled by ICP i nearly have all the bits to complete my OEM suspension jig-saw puzzle If any Gen 7 owner needs brand new shock strut boots & bump stops - ICP presently has them in stock Front lower coil spring rubber seats: £9.90 Front dust boot & bump stop: £31.50 Rear dust boot & bump stop: £27.50 Priced as pairs, and inclusive of VAT - (fit 140 & Tsport) Import Car Parts: https://www.importcarparts.co.uk/parts?cat=89&sub=1353&sec=1555&var=38&dc=y
  11. Number plate choices

    Never mind V6, how about jet propelled?
  12. What came in the Post Today?

    Camber bolts for front hubs - an option that may prove very useful at four wheel alignment time Debs
  13. Number plate choices

    Lots of [ V _ _ GTO ] number plate choices?
  14. What came in the Post Today?

    Should come in handy when we change the radiator sometime later this year
  15. Ding & scuff repairs

    Photos curtesy of MSBodyworx - Mathew Sparks [Shropshire]
  16. Ding & scuff repairs

    This is not a question - just an overview of accident damage repair that's ongoing - should be all finished by Tuesday next week. A little bump i had last year, i won't go into the details, nothin serious, just a little coming together glancing blow as a Mr Blockhead and i negotiated with the same space around a multi-lane roundabout Anyway, after a fine recommendation my Celica has gone away since Thursday, for a few days of professional pampering and beauty treatment Photos curtesy of MSBodyworx - Mathew Sparks ...more photos to follow later Debs
  17. What came in the Post Today?

    Soon be springtime A few other bits are still on their way, delayed due to snow, should be all here sometime very soon. Debs
  18. Accident damage.

    I guess once the insurers have written off the vehicle; a buy back and re-build will be subject to a category N (formerly category D) which may lower it's resell value (?) Assuming the VW twit admits fault and you are blameless i think it depends upon how much the insurance company give you to cover the loss of the vehicle. It would be interesting to know this. May be better [or an option] to take the opportunity to find and buy another?
  19. Club Calendar 2018 - CANCELLED

    That's a shame, but don't worry everyone... this disappointment gives us the opportunity to buy the terrific 2018 Kittens calendar in Tesco for just 2 quid!
  20. what have you done to your celica today...

    Happy dance after todays MOT PASS!
  21. Club Calendar 2018 - CANCELLED

    Sent in one summer scene photo, and one autumn scene
  22. what have you done to your celica today...

    Crikey, can't believe 6 months has flashed past already! Did we get a summer this year? I put my winter wheel set back on last week, and today i thoroughly washed clean the 10 spoke summer set and left them to drip dry in the garage. I'll wax polish them up and put them into proper hibernation another day when i get the urge. Debs
  23. My Gen 7 windows can suddenly mist up on the insides very inconveniently fast in the damp-cold or humid weather. It's dry as a bone everywhere inside my passion wagon, and the misting up would appear to be caused by condensation due to 'exhaled breathing'. And no, there is no hanky-panky going on The only cures i know is to either hold your breath for the entire journey, wear a face mask with snorkel pipe though window to outside [ flippers optional ] or put the air conditioning on to clear it; which fortunately mine does and fairly quickly. I find my Gen 7 is dependent on having a good working order A/C system all year around to include the cold damp conditions. I've also noticed that in a summer heat-wave the inside can get unbearably hot if the A/C is not operational. Debs
  24. what have you done to your celica today...

    Warning: Using old bean-cans to fix exhaust pipes may cause muffled flatulent reverberations and back-firing!
  25. Selling a car... Test drives?

    Don't sell it. In fifteen years from now it will be a desirable old classic worth £20k+ and you'll be kicking yourself up your own backside saying how you used to own one and regret having sold it Debs