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Everything posted by jim7564

  1. Tool kit

    halfords socket spanner set sits on 2 hooks on the rear strutbrace
  2. 3sge revs up and down when cold

    its the coolant sensor in the elbow for the ECU not the gauges etc,mine was faulty cleaned the throttle body etc and was still the same.turned out it was the connector for the sensor (green plug) it was Chris that pointed it out to me,perfect now
  3. 3sge revs up and down when cold

    yes your right,the other thing to check is the water sensor at the elbow,if its faulty or a bad connection the car will struggle to idle on cold start up.
  4. 3sge revs up and down when cold

    is it similar to the one on the 205.cleaned mine with quick release oil and gunk spray,used old gaskets as they were fine,
  5. number plates

    prob been asked before but what is the smallest legal size numberplate you can have.never understood how a motorbike plate can be tiny and still legal,is your eyesight better when looking at a motorbike than a car ???
  6. petrol smell

    thanks for that i cut the vent off,still have it here.didnt think it was needed as the old filler cap i dont think has a vent,fuel tank is vented is it not,will get a look at it.
  7. petrol smell

    have noticed ever since i replaced the old filler cap with this aerostyle one (honda cbr) the inside of the car seems to have a petrol smell now. this fits over the old filler pipe which is external to the inside of the body. any ideas
  8. Big Wing. Am i the only one? Show me yours!

    have to say i love that wing,(RAGNAROK)would look like something was missing without it,subtle as it is
  9. Big Wing. Am i the only one? Show me yours!

    really mean looking,where you get the lights on the spoiler/bumper,would like a set on mine
  10. 265 x 35 x 18s

    anyone any idea if these are to wide for a celica st205,not worried about them fitting in the wheel arch but more the surface area on the road
  11. so all my hard work over xmas seems to have been a waste,things are not looking good cold engine as it will not start didnt bother putting any oil down the cylinders,also tried it with the throttle body removed,timing appears to be correct seemed to get worse as soon as i fixed the water leak. so what to do now,seems strange all cylinders are the same,when it was running it would not idle ok 600 rpm to 900 rpm 2000rpm seemed smooth over 4000 and it got very noisy but didnt misfire or anything ,i put it down to the exhaust blowing or vibration somewhere def have to strip it right down now i think, oil leak has appeared aswel
  12. Unplugging negative on battery ?

    dont mind me asking Askari but have you noticed and drop in voltage between the engine bay and batt in boot,just moved mine in to the boot.had a batt charger on 13.4v at batt,at engine 125 amp inline fuse 12.7v is that normal you think. Scott try a batt charger on for a good while its possible the batt is not getting enough charge in it while running
  13. anyone experienced this before

    no just the normal halfords antifreeze (saying that it was over -10 at the weekend) stuck with this screw/bolt,do i have to take all the aircon off to get to the bracket that holds the alternator adjuster
  14. 3sgte water pump pulley inside timing cover sheared right off timing belt started car up monday morning,sounded rough but put that down to the cold,went an had a coffee while letting it warm up,15 min later went out to find steam coming out and engine had stopped,looking farther rad hose was frozen,despite having antifreeze in it (3yrs now), so an expensive lesson learnt,hopefully no internal damage
  15. throttle body swap now high idling

    sorry guys i thought i had posted that it was fixed,turned out the wee flap under the throttle body was stuck open,and the main throttle flap was not closing properly, sorted now after reading a how to guide on here.you learn something everyday with these things LOL,easy job to do once you have done it before. now i need a new clutch
  16. swapped the throttle body over now engine idling 2000 rpm,had to swap all the sensors from mine incl the spring thingy that screws on the flap only thing i can think is that plug sensor thing that fits on the throttle flap
  17. Club Calendar 2018 - CANCELLED

    well atleast we still have december 2017 pic to look at LOL
  18. gt4

    where youget that from,its really setting the car off
  19. thats the next thing to do,have a FMIC on the way,looking into a cooler for the engine/gearbox and steering,