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What are these slot/clamps called that are on the front splitter? (PIC)

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Hello :)
I'm after these slot clamp things that go on our front splitters, But i just can not search them properly because I don't know the names of them, anyone got an idea or that actual answer, I need spares :)


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literally splitter clips mate

I think I have a part number, bear with i will look

Part no: 90109-06003

best off asking Mr T for some as the only ones I can find online are in America, they are basically U Clamps, might be able to get something that works from somewhere else tho

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We got some from Toyota recently. Only a few quid from memory. Surprised the bolts didn't come with nuts though!

Yes they are Toyota p/n 90109-06003.

I got some of them a few months back, they're only about £3.00 as I recall. You have to source some nuts for them though, Toyota don't supply nuts with them for some god forsaken reason :huh:

Man at Toyota tried to convince me they are self locking and don't need nuts!
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