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  1. Fit new camshaft cover gasket. Been putting this off for some time as it's a big job, but following the great guide I found on here went smoothly.
  2. if it's any use I found this site which gives part numbers, diagrams and prices https://toyota-europe.epc-data.com/
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  5. I've just replaced the APEC shoes that were on mine for Toyota ones. The APEC ones never felt right - they would make a loud clunk if operated when the car was in motion, were generally weak and prone to having the hold down pins slip out of place if moving off/reversing with the handbrake on. Comparing them to the £60 genuine Toyota ones, I couldn't see a huge difference in the dimensions of the metal part, but the friction material was definitely different, thicker yet slightly less wide.
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  14. I think the OP was on about the bumper indicators as the gen 5 ones look very similar to the pre-facelift gen 6 ones and with there being clear/crystal versions readily available thought they may be interchangeable.But they aren't
  15. You can get sealant remover from B&Q and the like for this very problem.
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