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  1. Happy 9 Anniversary Jeedai!

  2. Happy Anniversary Jeedai!

  3. Happy Anniversary mill5y!

  4. Happy Anniversary celica daz!

  5. Happy Anniversary Adam190!

  6. Happy Anniversary farmers-toy!

  7. Happy Anniversary Jeedai!

  8. Happy Anniversary mill5y!

  9. Happy Anniversary celica daz!

  10. Happy Anniversary Adam190!

  11. Happy Anniversary Jeedai!

  12. Bah Any chance of an invite please through PM ? My electric windows (both of them) are getting noisy so could do with an exploded diagram to see where I need to point the lithium spray. Cheers
  13. No worries! Thought I'd better earn my dues as I've recently signed up to be a club member having been a lurker for 2 years and having made quite a few savings through CCUK
  14. Hi all, Was clicking around the ol' Pistonheads forum and found this site. Looks useful for all things Toyota so thought I'd make people here aware of it. ToyoDIY.com Not sure how accurate the pricing is but let's hope it comes in handy when arguing with the Toyota parts department.
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