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  1. Happy 8 Anniversary MeisterR!

  2. Mek

    Happy 5 Anniversary Mek!

  3. Happy 11 Anniversary stevepeanut!

  4. Happy 1 Anniversary Bobby!

  5. Happy 7 Anniversary Sherv!

  6. Happy 7 Anniversary Miss C!

  7. Xtuner, yours was sent out at the weekend so you should get it any day I would hope.
  8. Thanks Tony, I'm sure we'll get it sorted
  9. As Dawn said they were shipped to you on 31 January. After you queried I sent another set out on 6 March 2016, so pretty surprised that you haven't received either set by now. I know you confirmed via PM, but can you check your account and confirm that your address is correct please, and let me know and we'll go from there. Ta, Clare
  10. Happy Birthday Miss C!



      happy birthday have a good one

  11. Got 4 people (adults) and luggage in the '86 on Saturday
  12. Mine is my daily driver, it's fun enough to make me smile, more economical than the celica was and cheaper insurance too. Like Ben mine is covered by 4 years warranty, so hopefully not too expensive to maintain. I had lost the love for my GT after having it for 6 years, I knew it was time to move on. But as everyone has said, it very much depends on what you want from a car and how you intend to use it. I think you need to take one out for a good test drive (I had mine for a good 4 hours out in the Norfolk countryside) and go from there.
  13. I traded my GT for an '86 earlier this year. As much as I loved my celica the '86 easily matches it. The '86 is a little less practical, smaller boot, practically no rear seats, but if you are after a fun RWD then it's the one.
  14. Apparently the chicken is actually called Brian! So more a cockerel I guess. Lol
  15. Here is a quick update as to Bills adventures so far with the Rust2Rome guys, After the closure of Calais yesterday, the guys had to find another way to get into France - by tunnel: And their travels down to the south of France today: How'd that chicken get in there!
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