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Everything posted by izzzzythedog

  1. Happy 7 Anniversary izzzzythedog!

  2. dont get why they would drop a 165 lump in there , should have used a 205
  3. Started the black beastie not run for a year and started almost instantly !!!! ran rough as anything , loadsssssss of smoke out the back and nicely complimented by the smoke out the screamer pipe . screamer pipe and a car in a garage , very so slightly noisy feeling brash and seeing how i forgot to hate it i thought while i have a battery why not try the vert . hell its only been near 3 years turned over for ages then fired up happily and although it wouldnt idol it ran sweet as anything . the turbo chatter is something else ! likey
  4. Thats the most interesting thing get some pics up and try to find out a hint of a price and then you never know
  5. find your local HI Q ,,,,, there franchise so open to cash in hand . Last tyre i had sorted was a tenner Sure enough after this thread im back fitting bloody rubber to the motorbike . Couldnt get the bead for love or money when blowing back up so gave up and stuffed a tube in there , sorted
  6. TADARRRRRRR me to the rescue , ill get me cape Ok using a machine is easy enough , blast um on and blast them off . however there are `home ` machines around which require leverage rather than air to get the tyre off ) . these do work but you will spend a happy afternoon rolling around on the ground wondering if you could have simply slipped a kid at the tyre place a fiver for a Saturday afternoon special . These machines are good for knobbly beasties when your out playing on your quad but not so great on a pwetty alloy and shouldered low profile tyres . Bunging them back on is another thing , Loads of soap and viola its on , Getting the bead is joyjoy fun fun at home . you need a decent compressor and luck ( pssst , remove the valve completely , allows air in quicker so it can bead ) . Expect to sweat and swear for an hour before just taking the bastard to the tyre place and watching them do it in milliseconds Better bet is an old tyre machine that uses air . Push the bead off both sides , grab it with the machine , soap the rim and stick your bar in , pop off easily and back on great . Need other tools such as the bar , valve remover , brush and soap etc . Also need a 2x3 slab to hold the dam thing down plus a decent compressor , it gets expensive Soooooo tyres off and your at it with the wire brush . So much easier to drop it onto the tyre ballancer and lean a file against it . However you dont have that luxury soooooo once clean and back together you will then suss those little balance weights accually do do something as you now cant see where your going over 45mph due to vibration ,,,, bugger ,back to the tyre place for a balance then at a fiver a tyre . You can do it at home with a frame , it does work but can be trial and error . so would i recommend all this ? if you have room then yep go for it . Give it a year and everyone and his nan will come to you for puncture repairs . If its just to get a bit of rust off then hell no
  7. Happy 6 Anniversary izzzzythedog!

  8. sure , rip it apart , skim the head , reline the bore and over size it , blue print the rest after a gas flow , phat exhaust and air cleaner , LOUD paint job and viola about 190 brake and a bill for 3 grand
  9. you beauty , a volunteer once the pics are up pop over and waggle your camera phone around it , however i suspect this may not be as easy as it sounds as you may encounter a film crew who will entice you to buy the snotty coloured lashed together beastie
  10. should be interesting http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wrecks-to-Riches-Wheeler-Dealers-Car-SOS-Custom-Toyota-Celica-GT-1998-/301128640903?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item461caa6987
  11. trailer hoist the dam thing as high as possible on its arse end so the fronts pointing to the sky push trailer under and chock the wheels genitally lower onto the trailer strap and your away flat trailer without sides , engine hoist can be used to do the job , make sure the scrappers its going to is happy to lift it off the trailer with forklift/crane , fill car with other shit you really dont want and bring the petrol tank with water ( naughty boy )
  12. £150-175 is based on having 2 jobs done given placcy primer comes in at £56+ vat ( ouch ) but there wont be extra for paint as half a liter will cover both , so the total should be £300 or so a whole car depends on the quality of the workmanship plus how bad the car was in the first instance , i recon yours is very clean and tidy so i think £1200 would cover it , thats a masking off job rather than a lights and panels off which is £2000 other thing id better mention , if thats a real carbon bonnet then the panel flatness may not be upto your expectation when its been sprayed , none metal panels tend to have undulations you wouldnt notice due to the finish but show quite badly once sprayed , thought id better mention it
  13. bloody good place to know mind and a great source of bargains in tools , weekly they have a change so keep your eye open for those bargains , best we ever had was a 50 quid gravity fed spraygun if we brought 30 quids worth of primer , we were not short of primer for a while thats for sure , they also do no end of sealy tools also with bargains to be had just sayin
  14. jawel paints , costs about £11 never seen a perfect job done this way
  15. ah ok thats going to need cutting back , filling , rubbing down , 2 types of primer applied , a base under laquar thats 7 applications and that becomes hard work outdoors making anywhere near a good finish , main issue is though is not a base colour , it requires a colour under laquar and its also metallic silver is almost always metallic and the issue is it has a colour that fades plus the sparkle that is creates by little bits of flake , the flake is a certain size , mess it up and it looks wrong , so say you do get a car thats not faded and you get the correct size flake theres still an issue with depth , the flake will always rise to the surface of the paint so if you apply it too heavy it goes dark ,,,,, so you then need to rub the lot down and start again which is a massive ballache was once again theres bloody flake in it ,,,,, so the base is good and you apply the top ( laquar ) go too thick and it yellows making the silver the wrong colour once more , you can however cut it back one dried but thats not going to be dried the same day thats for sure so its a multi day job ,,, also theres the issue of blending the lot in as its not easy to feather the new to the old over laquar etc etc welcome to the world of paint id stick it into a garage , it should cost 150 or so for the dink and a further 150 or so for the bonnet ( will need etching primer so could be another 25 on top )
  16. Happy Anniversary izzzzythedog!

  17. tripped over an intake pipe in the back garden ,,,, not sure it counts but its close enough
  18. shouldnt ask me stuff like this green , lime green or orange
  19. and hello to ? i miss my old black beams , had the chance to buy it back and didnt take it thanks to space , wish i bloody had now
  20. moved it closer to its for now new home , got a council garage for it , cant get in the bastard thanks to ignorant fuckin women and there inability to walk 50 foot so have parked blocking the door so as of yet and its been 2 weeks cant get it in , council opens on the 2nd ,,,, ill be there
  21. some make that some will last longer my vans quicker than a F1 car , i can happily prove it with a race around our village , ill even give a head start to the first speedhump to any team that wants to take me on
  22. yep totally that draws a degree of attention plus if they find a mug to buy it then everyones a winner when i were a lad i used to work at a garage and being the young spotty herbert with the daft hair ( about 3 foot long ) then i had the daily joy of manhandling a life size batman and robin out onto the traffic island oppositte to drum up attention , trust me nothing says virgin more than that , everyone knew it as the batman and robin island , man i hated that job
  23. had a couple of scops and only had a fob go down on 1 , other than that its a cheaper end product that does the job , id go for a toad myself or lash the cash on a clifford , be warned the clifford proximity sensor will drive you friggin mad if you park your car in the road like we did
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