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  1. caj

    Happy 4 Anniversary caj!

  2. Happy 4 Anniversary 2tMike!

  3. LD50

    Happy 1 Anniversary LD50!

  4. Happy 9 Anniversary c_jnz!

  5. c_jnz

    Car Compliments

    Backing off the throttle is one of life's little pleasures, super loud BOV followed by huge bang. May as well do something with all that unburnt fuel exiting the exhaust
  6. c_jnz

    Car Compliments

    Mine makes a load of noise and backfires when hot, so I usually get the look of 'WTF was that'. Also quite a few people have said its a 'nice supra' nobody has confused it with a Civic though, then again I would rather smash my cock flat with a house brick then take it to KwikFit.
  7. c_jnz

    DIY tyre fitting

    The one guy I use started out to be cash in hand £10 balanced but its £15 now. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MANUAL-PORTABLE-TYRE-WHEEL-CHANGER-BEAD-BREAKER-TIRE-MACHINE-CAR-BIKE-15-21-inch-/131415402927?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item1e98f7e9af This machine would do the job fine with getting the tyre off and refitting but works on the method of rolling the bar across the face of the lip to lever it up. It would be fine for steels or winter rims not sure I'd fancy using it on decent rims. But in theory £50 for the machine, £20 for a tub of bead seal and £20 for a tub of tyre lube, tyres fitted for life. Except for balancing
  8. c_jnz

    DIY tyre fitting

    At the two places I use I get charged either £15 or £20 to have a tyre off re fitted and balanced, thats taking it there myself loose. I got caught short with a puncture and went to a kwikfit who charged me £25 last month, would have been more but I took the wheel off myself in the car park. With this latest set of wheels I just bought and the puncture I have spent around £100 just having tyres swapped over and resealed and will need 2 new tyres on the GT4 soon. When you look at some of the machines on ebay for around £100 it would work out cheaper in the long run, not necessarily easier and like you say, levering it off the rim is likely to fck them right up...
  9. c_jnz

    DIY tyre fitting

    I have quite a few sets of alloy wheels now and find a lot of the time after the wheels have been stored they develop leaks around the beads mainly due to surface corrosion inside the rim and need rubbing down and resealing. I seem to be spending a lot of time and money at tyre fitters, and after going again today I really feel its something I could do myself with a few tyre levers and bead breaker. Does anybody else remove and fit their own tyres, or have any recommends for tools?
  10. c_jnz

    Gen 6 gt4 wheels

    I seen a silver GT4 with toyota 3 spoke wheels finished in gunmetal a few weeks back and it confirmed it in my mind. There was a turquoise green GT4 replica some time back on the club and he had 3 spoke Rays fitted which looked awesome, I think the gen 6 can pull 3 spokes off well. Anybody remember the vauxhall cav slab wheels? I had them fitted on my mk3 astra and loved the look of them; almost want a set on the offchance I get a 4 stud vx at some point.
  11. c_jnz

    Gen 6 gt4 wheels

    I want a decent set of three spokes with center caps... i love the standard look, fitting an original head unit to mine.
  12. c_jnz

    Best LEDs for gen 6 speedo

    I have Led's in mine but they are still pretty meh, with the addition of having a tendency to flicker as I cant get the connection to fit. My next thing was looking at getting plasma dials.
  13. c_jnz

    celica still dead

    It sounds like starter, have you managed to bump start it?
  14. Happy 3 Anniversary Matt Bayley!

  15. caj

    Happy 3 Anniversary caj!