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Hard brake line advice please

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Good morning all,

I am currently restoring my celica gen 7 and have noticed the rear caliper hose fittings & pipe are in a bad way. When the time comes I might need to make section.

I know brake pipes on Japanese cars have double flared ends & require a convex inner seat union to seal against.

So my shopping list is :
3/16 Copper Nickel Pipe
Sealey VS0350 Pipe cutter
An inline brake pipe flaring tool that can do both SAE bubble & inverted flare. (Recommendations please as I will be cutting my original steel one as well)
2 x bubble flare unions.
6 x fittings (M10 x 1mm) but can they all be the same? Sorry if that sounds a stupid question, but i am unsure if i need specific ones for the 4 bubble & 2 double.

Any tips & advice on where and what to buy would be appreciated.

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I generally tend to re-use fittings. If you cut the old pipe you can use a proper 6 sided socket and get them out undamaged. Original Toyota stuff is often better quality then new.


I normally use this style of flaring tool. There are much better and less fiddly tools for professional use but these do the job.




The pipe clamps in with the end coming out of the tapered side and use of the correct bit creates a bubble end. If you need a concave end, the bit is removed and the press part is used on it's own.


Note - these tools don't work well on steel although it can be done. I generally find the slightest bit of rust on a steel pipe and they crumble anyway so i normally completely replace them rather than splicing in a short section.



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