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  1. how on earth did you manage to crack it?
  2. is this going to look dodgy to the DVLA ?

    all the ebay ones seem to be more expensive than from a local place too? I paid 7 quid each for mine with all the requisite makings on them and got them in minutes of handing over my paperwork.
  3. I always look for the usuals in higher miles. Rust, brakes & suspension (usually fooked), belts/chain and oil history I accept that other things will be well on their way to knackered such as clutch and exhaust even if they seem ok on the test drive I dont think I've ever bought a car which didnt have totally scrap brakes
  4. Gen 7 Roof Bars.

    id love a Toyota Bicycle
  5. What came in the Post Today?

    Got my replacement AC compressor, courtesy of member Spaff Came off his 35k mile car, bearings are all still SUPER smooth and it feels pretty much new. Needs a little tidy up on the face of the magnetic clutch but its superficial only. Bit of a clean and it will come up a treat before fitting, new o-rings & gas re-charge. He was kind enough to include the three mount bolts, plus one surprise small bolt of unknown origin. (hope his engine doesn't fall out) It was wrapped in a Sainsburys shopping bag so he is obviously a little more upmarket than my humble Lidl fayre
  6. Used a Gunson Power (Brake) Bleeder?

    when I have to bleed on my own, I use a bleed tube with a one way valve on it. I also put a thick blob of really sticky grease around the bleed nipple (once loosened) and really work it in to seal it from air being sucked past the threads. I only wipe it off when ive tightened the nipple back down.
  7. having thoroughly degreased, brushed, washed and hand dried every nook and cranny of the engine bay last week, today I went to the pound shop, bought a couple spray bottles of cheap degreaser and a small stiff nylon brush. Went to town degreasing and cleaning all the underside of my engine bay including the gearbox, steering rack, sump and all the underbits I could reach. Without undertrays this is dead easy Now, the end result may not be "detailed" and I haven't polished any of the aluminium bits, but im very impressed with how clean everything has come up. You can rub your hand against anything in there now and no dirt comes off. Should make future engine work and leak detection easy if I can maintain it like this. what has surprised me though is how nice the engine block, rocker cover, even the belt tensioner came up with just minimal scrubbing
  8. I updated my thread in gen7 area! if its stupid but it works, its not stupid http://www.celica-club.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/185407-sand-gravel-or-just-fix-it-somehow/&tab=comments#comment-2356893
  9. Hallelujah Hallelujah HallelujahHallelujah Halle-lujah that feeling when you fix something that's been bothering you for so so long!
  10. is definitely a boy! My car is Kirk (my cars name is literally Tiberius, as in James T) - im the enterprise being taken for a ride. Strange sexual innuendo not implied.
  11. in my tired and bleary eyed state I read that as "Minecraft drill" and "shitting wheel"
  12. Painting Replacement Brake Calipers

    Ive not bothered with primer on fresh new/recon calipers. The plating seems to bind with the paint fine and keep the corrosion at bay. I think its just super thin and wears off fast which causes the problems if you leave them "naked" Saying that, on ones I haven't painted and the plating has worn off, I find that a quick scrub with the rough side of a scrubby sponge thing keeps them looking decent and takes minutes when washing the car. I never painted my new rear calipers on my 7, and they are nearly 2 years old and still look "new" with just a scrub once every couple weeks or so.
  13. Painting Replacement Brake Calipers

    I think its a very thin playing. I always give new calipers like this a few coats of anthracite colour vht from an aerosol. Great finish and lasts, mostly