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  1. phase one of chasing bad, stumbly rough cold starts without any codes to help out.... 1. Replaced all 4 ignition coils with eBay cheapos (£56 for the full set). I must say the construction of these eBay coils is very good, exactly matching the OEM ones. 2 of the old coils were cracked severely all down their length toward the rubber boot with some possible burn marks on the outsides. I don't care if they don't last too long at £56 for a full set compared to £140 for a coil from Toyota or £90 from denso / blueprint EACH. Decided not to go second hand as I wanted to replace the whole set. 2. Changed plugs for those new-fangled Denso "Twin Tip" variety, but I used the regular copper plugs instead of anything exotic. Used K16TT part number, pre-gapped to 1.1mm as per spec. 3. Thoroughly cleaned spark plug holes to remove any moisture, oil traces and gunge 4. Re-seated MAF o-ring, just to be sure 5. Re-set chain tensioner 6. Pulled Crank sensor and cleaned the magnetic sensor tip, was pretty gungy. 7. Reset ECU Result: Engine much quieter. Idle smoother. Pickup considerably improved. 1st start from dead cold seems super quick and smooth again. VROOOOOOM noise much more pronounced. I'm not sure why, but the engine really is much quieter with the new coils - I suspect the old ones were seriously impaired from the cracks and causing some pretty big ignition lag timing corrections in the ECU leading to some more pronounced engine noise.
  2. rear wheel bearing

    random fact - Most of us, as well as garages who do work, wont put on Toyota genuine parts. This is absolutely fine of course, but having measured with a digital caliper side by side a new Toyota and a new blueprint (about as good as it gets for pattern stuff) rear discs the pattern ones are ever-so-slightly thicker, with less of a machined groove on the back side. This results in the disc gently scraping against the handbrake shoes backplate, especially when going around corners when the entire assembly twists a little with the weight shifting. Usual fixes include the careful application of a hammer to the back plate, or trying another brand of disc. You can diagnose this easily by taking off the rear discs. Look at the lip of the inner backing plate - if there is a shiny bare metal spot somewhere on its circumference you have this problem. hit that bit with a hammer to bend it back a bit.
  3. Bean can and bailing wire and good as new!
  4. Selling a car... Test drives?

    id be fussy as hell if I ever sold Tiberius (my celica) - I would probably only sell it on here and let active members drive it if they had 3rd party cover on another car. Ive sold plenty of sheds and shopping trolleys and as long as they have cover I don't care, but I always sit in the car with them and make sure I have my phone on me in case they go all stabby stabby on me
  5. nice little bar isn't it!
  6. guys I'm just having the shittiest day imaginable. Here is the long winded story... So my dog has had a bad leg for a couple months now, cruciate ligament. She was doing so well, slowly getting better, then on sunday she scooted too fast before I could stop her and twisted it bad. Made another vets appointment which was this afternoon. As I'm bending down to scoop her into the car to go see the doggie doctor, she jumps past me, leaps onto the front seat, but misses and slips her already bad leg along the kick panel. Ive been working so hard keeping her rested with gentle exercise I got frustrated and shouted at her So we go see the vets, she needs XRays and stuff, booked in for Monday. As we are going back to the car, she scoots past my hands AGAIN and slips her leg on the kick panel. I was so frustrated and upset already I shouted at her again. Ive got tears in my eyes because I'm such a meanie for shouting at my poor dog as I'm reversing out the (tiny) car park, and smash my door into a short barrier they have that was below glass level. honestly, I got home and cried a lot
  7. Bit more of an unusual question for everyone. I prefer to wash my cars myself, and my only suitable tap for connection is in my back garden, which I then have to route through the house to the front. All this is fine, but I'm fed up of hoses suddenly bursting in my kitchen and front room causing a right mess. Ive narrowed my choices down to either a Hozelock or Karcher brand hose-on-a-reel. Which is the more sturdy and resistant to bursting, but can take the twists and turns and remain flexible?
  8. I'm giving you a virtual man-hug
  9. Sorted my handbrake...again... Don't get the handbrake shoes from ICP the linings crumble into dust. Got pagids from ECP, got a discount, 24.99, 2 clicks hold it on the hill I live on now
  10. fitted my Front strut brace courtesy of eBay. for £30 I'm impressed with it.
  11. Snapped Stud :(

    He said "new" stud
  12. Snapped Stud :(

    just get the Toyota one. Its been on the car and withstood at least 12 years of abuse, wheel on and off likely many, many times and repeated tightening to who-knows what torques Would you really trust an ebay one of indeterminate origins to do the same? don't forget, these hold your wheels on lol
  13. can not believe mr T prices sometimes

    do you get a self-opening tailgate if you put spoiler struts on a non spoiler car? lol, I'm genuinely curious because I kinda want a self opening boot
  14. can not believe mr T prices sometimes

    they only have one part number, and they come with the brackets. So can you swap the bracket around for the other side?