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Everything posted by gezhenry

  1. Newcomer & happy

    It looks like you ve left the toothpaste on them there lol
  2. Bit of a general discussion one this one I'm just curious to pick other more superior opinions on here!! What sort of mileage/ and/or age do people find maintenance type costs rise on celicas/Toyotas/generally? Backdrop: was playing with the idea of also trying to pickup a cheap preface mk3 mr2 post summer to play with too but interested in people's opinions generally I've had v high milers some with motorway in the past trouble and corrosion free till scrapped and some lower milers but not quite perfect, my own gen 7 s gone 120-140k with me with not a huge history and I've just had the usual common things rectified (tho thinking a clutch change can't be far away) What sort of things do people particularly look for on high milers/older cars? PS.apols not posted for a while been busy but still reading.
  3. Cheers for your input G yeah brakes is usually a good bartering opportunity for a cheap diy upgrade.. What about tips on spotting a modern oil burner particularly on pre-facelifts?
  4. Accident damage.

    You could try haggling a bit with them but they're good prices Imo
  5. Tips to fit rubber pedal covers

    Cheers, and now just one more thing can anyone recommend a good chiropractor!! Think it d be easier trying to remove the pistons through the spark plug oles!!
  6. I'm just trying to re fit the rubber pedal covers back onto my pedals anybody got any tips on how to complete this seemingly near impossible task!!
  7. Tips to fit rubber pedal covers

    Hey cheers for the tips guys I'll try them just trying to fit on tsport metal-like pedals you see gotta be one simplist but most awkward mods incidentally does anyone know how the gen 7 pedal foot-rest fits in and out as well?
  8. Write Off Valuation

    What's the story and valuation of it Tiddles, not that experienced in this recently but didn't it use to be argue the toss and negotiate with them on their valuation of it eg FSH, any pictures/condition, bills, ccuk membership etc similar car ads, and hopefully accept their 3rd elevated offer?
  9. You tube links

    OK cheers
  10. You tube links

    Don't know whether this is allowed in the right place or repetitive but is there a thread on here anywhere for posting and discussing any interesting or useful you tube videos people find on here?
  11. You tube links

    Yes , please feel free to post any relevant links here
  12. Mk1 Blue dragon/Viking badges

    Yeah I ve noticed it yeah could take a look at it see if its in the realms of my capabilities whereabouts r u around newton I do go near there fairly regularly n have u got any other spare bits too at the same time b good to have a ganders at your GT too send me a pm gez
  13. Anyone have or know a UK supplier of the original mk1 blue dragon/Viking badges saw one on eBay recently I shouldve snapped up I think they look great on all celicas?
  14. Carbon fibre replacements

    Hiya pal these are the sort of thing I was looking at they're quite thin on the ground now but used to b popular I'd defo have something similar doesn't have to b an exact replica or anything just a similar shape, that really suits the car i think, u can stick on the back was considering having a go myself but I'm a bit of an amateur u mite well get a few other takers for em too https://www.celicahobby.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/18561/spoiler-roof-spoiler-install.html
  15. Mk1 Blue dragon/Viking badges

    Cheers for that info we could do with some moneysupermarket like comparison sight with the Toyota dealers or maybe confused dot com mite b more appropriate!,
  16. Mk1 Blue dragon/Viking badges

    Right cheers I assume that's the product code is it ?cheers for the rectification the nice swans just the Mancunian phrase of nice one I rejigged thought it was appropriate
  17. Mk1 Blue dragon/Viking badges

    Bump still trying to work out how to post properly not used to this internet lark
  18. Mk1 Blue dragon/Viking badges

    Excellent taste pal it ll suit my silver and blue 2 tone to a (Mr!!) T can I ask u was it a Manchester dealer and how much can u remember? Gez
  19. Mk1 Blue dragon/Viking badges

    Yeah nice swan spot on pal where dyou get that from don't suppose its surplus to your requirements is it?!!
  20. Mk1 Blue dragon/Viking badges

    Hey cheers matt mite give the dealers a buzz seen em abroad but the postages been a bit prohibitive cheers for replying BTW have u still got that splitter for sale was considering getting it I'm over near newton fairly frequently and tasty GT btw
  21. Carbon fibre replacements

    Hiya spanner nice swan a hard to get hold of roof spoiler at the top of the tailgate would b a good addition to your product line and would do for me n maybe others if u could crack something like that off