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Everything posted by 1600GTCelica

  1. Just the one - mowed the grass so took a photo or two on the front lawn
  2. Club Calendar 2018 - CANCELLED

    couple sent cheers malcolm
  3. Toyota Toys

    you seem to have a bad dose of gen 1 celica, nearly as bad as me only 5 gen 1 cars, but i am sorry to say i am not a 23 fan, so only have the ta23gt, i can live with that,its the best of that model, afraid its ta22 all the way.
  4. GA61 investment?

    They are a great car and now appreciating very well. To buy a nice one you are looking at £5-£7k , this issue is finding one. they suffer badly from rot if not well looked after , especially rear hatch and sunroof. I bought mine 10 years ago a manual with full history and 123k from new , if you can find one buy it as it is one of those cars which show good appreciation and a hoot to drive with that silky twin cam 6.
  5. what have you done to your celica today...

    Had a run out in the 22gt this afternoon , now that i have sorted the timing by re aligning the distributor , gave it a rest then into the gen 6 up the hill to walk the dog, the transition from gen 1 to Gen 6 is quite interesting, gen 1 much noisier and throaty , gen 6 , quiet smooth and gets on with it.
  6. Toyota 2000GT - only one on the road?

    Had this car on the toyota enthusiast club stand at the NEC classic car show last november , even sat in it and drove it whilst sorting the stand. The organisers have asked for it back this year for one of the entrances to the show , its coming back !!!!!
  7. Hi note you have some gen 6 sr wheels , need to take a set off my gen 6 to sell so these would do the job for £50 , have a mate in peterbotough who can pick up from you, is there 4 or 5 wheels and where are you in peterborough. can they come with the nuts as well .let me know so i can get my mate to pick them up from you.

    cheers malcolm.

    1. sheeraz552


      Sent you a message fella

  8. Hi All This is the biggest classic car show in the world, 100 of car clubs and classics from the 1920's to the 1980's being raced by petrol head drivers like maniacs . We went last year and are going again this in saturday/sunday july 30/31. However one of our group double booked so we have a spare ticket which we bought on an early bird for half normal price, so it needs to find a home . We also camp so have the camp site ticket included as well across the road from the circuit , we have tents etc so plenty of space. Our group is me , my mate alan another toyota nut and his son craig , the ticket is up for grabs at £65.50 all in , if you need to chat pm me or 07975718146 Malcolm. Have a look at the silverstone website it is awesome , I am taking my Mr2 so it will be on the mk1 stand with about 40 other cars.
  9. Happy 10 Anniversary 1600GTCelica!

  10. toyota manuals

    a local toyota dealer is moving and clearing a load of old stock which includes all the following toyota manuals. Cressida body manual ( purple) Corona Mark @ body -orange 2 x carina and celiac body - turquoise - don't know what years , probably gen 3 on 18r, 185-c and 18r-g engine manual - gen1 and 2 1000- body - yellow corolla ke71te- body -orange corona body - deep red - guess rt40 corollake70 , te71 from aug 79 -chassis - yellow starlet body -red a-30 transmission 3 speed toyoglide -red service spec 1977 model - sky blue corolla ke &te chassis - yellow , will be early corolla they are looking for £10 per manual plus £4 P&P if interested or want more info as he only lives up the road from me , please pm me and i can arrange for you to buy it through their ebay ac.so let me have your ebay id as well. They are finding spares all the time , were toyota dealer for 30 years from 1980 onwards and still service toyotas now , although not a dealer anymore. will post up other things which might be of interest. cheers malcolm 07975718146
  11. toyota manuals

    no , dealer in bristol , who lives in cheltenham
  12. toyota manuals

    some going up, will let you know when
  13. thats where i saw it, was initially on at £2600 now down to £2300
  14. Glad everything ok , you might just want to check it for yourself as its the dvla site and shows all the mot history till 2007for every vehicle , and i checked it before you bought it and it was blank. you can check the current sorn mot staus again on the dvla site and it was sorned with no mot , if you have an old mot certificate you might want to query it as i have cars i have stored since 2008 and they show that mot but nothing else till i tested it this year , it applies to my gen 4 vert. all for your own piece of mind as it looks nice and appears to have loads of history. referring to the grey one in swindon previously perth , that disappeared pretty quickly off ebay, but don't know where it went..
  15. The cs's are popping up everywhere, there was a grey one like mrs r's on a k plate in swindon with big wheels on ebay, for £2600 , was this the car that needed welding on ebay from perth and sold for 2k. said it needed welding and there was quite a bit of rust underneath and no mot , but outside looked really good.
  16. interesting history with this car when you check its history , on the mot site . the vehicle was just tested to give it 12 months ticket , but it has no mot on it back to 2007 as the site shows all old mots back to then. the current seller obviously bought it with no mot 2 years and the dvla confirms it was sorned, from 2014 with no ticket on it. Hope the history gave a clear picture when it was bought.
  17. Intermittent Engine Cutting Out - ST183 Gen 5

    Picking up on chelt girls comment , her carlos saint has exhibited exactly the same symptoms and we had tried most things to cure it. It appears the cs gen 5 and maybe yours has a relay on the fuel pump which reduces the voltage to make it quieter at low revs , and over a certain RPM then the relay boosts the voltage to allow the pump to run at full power. In view of the fact that if its a pump problem you may be able to get at the pump as it might have an access point to the tank , however if its crud in the tank and it needs to come out , then it could be expensive. One of the gen 5 guys ( paulus, if he would be so kind ) needs to confirm whether your car is likely to have the two phase power supply to the pump and if so then the paperclip trick must be first port of call , as it appears the relay detioriates with age. You have nothing to lose by trying this first and if ir solves it fine, if not its a hunt elsewhere , maybe muck in the tank but it definitely sounds like a fuel starvation problem.
  18. Saw you yesterday coming down our road , the cs looks good .
  19. Happy 9 Anniversary 1600GTCelica!

  20. The grass is not greener...

    This seems to be a bit of an Audi TT -Celica debate , I think it is very much horses for courses , i have run an a diesel A4 avant from new ( last of the older shape and much better car than the later one) and it is great motorway and drivers car and ideal for lugging things about, However we have had a gen 6gt in the family for 8 years which has just gone back on the road after summer storage which i use for running around , it has that bit of refinement for a coupe as well as more practical space than the TT , also bullet proof reliability just coming up to 207k on the original engine and box and you can't hearing it idling the engine is so quiet. It always brings a smile back on my face every time i jump in for a spin, probably the best value car I ever bought as it has no rust after 18 years. However if you want a real bit of fun I have just taken my ml1 Mr2 off the road for the winter, handles like a go kart , goes like a good sports car and great for the summer with the roofs out, just love it. Toyota produced great performance cars you only have to look back over the past 40 years to see, but i do think they have lost there way in the performance sector over the last 10 years and audi grabbed the opportunity. A debate likely to run and run , depends whether you have loads of cash to buy the Audi , or you want a bit of Celica fun for a few thousand or a few hundred if its a gen 6.
  21. Celica photo challenge.

    the building is surrounded by trees you just can see them
  22. Celica photo challenge.

    Just to put some early Celica muscle into the frame , can you spot whats wrong with it and its not the wheels.