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  1. Happy Anniversary scott64!

  2. Washed and cleaned the inside Washed and cleaned the inside
  3. and to finish the day off i have just cleaned all the carpets and given the leather seats a good clean, first time since before xmas
  4. Two new rear discs with new brake pads and a new headlight bulb
  6. Yep not the best motor I've ever had for the snow
  7. Had to get a new tyre ..... slid on the ice and damaged the wall Had to get a new tyre ..... slid on the ice and damaged the wall
  8. Just gave the car a quick wax after coming back from town
  9. a wash ahd a hoover before cleaning the dashboard in readyness for the south wales mini meet tomorrow
  10. Had to scrape all the ice off the windscreen this morning
  11. you were lucky that you never lost the wheel mate just glad you got home without any major incident happening to you or the car
  12. another hoover out and wipe over inside cant wax it ...bl**dy rain
  13. Cleaned the boot out this morning..after sorting it out a few days ago i left the cap of my anti freeze loose so i had to mop up all the liquid in my wheel well
  14. genius mate great idea now thats a mouth watering car
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