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  1. new project car just finished citroen c2 with an audi tt engine mapped at 265bhp   welly24@yahoo.co.uk


  2. Happy Birthday welly24!

  3. Happy 4 Anniversary welly24!

  4. Happy Birthday welly24!

  5. Happy 3 Anniversary welly24!

  6. Happy Birthday welly24!

  7. Happy Anniversary welly24!

  8. Happy Birthday welly24!

  9. congrats on the new motor mate , i know what you mean i put my modded gen7 3sgte on ebay and nothing il have to try gumtree as well lol
  10. Happy Anniversary welly24!

  11. well guys the snow has landed an iv got the worst car on the planet it wont f---ing move its stuck ,its the first time in over 40 years of driving ive ever bin stuck ,if i had any hair left id have ripped the twat out this morning .i pride myself that i love snow and can drive anywhere but no.....iv rallied cars in all kinds of weather ive ridden motocross in mud and snow ,i love snow but today this thing iv built is a bitch it wont go forward it wont go back it goes sideways ,if i was drifting , which i love i would be happy but no it wucking font .well rant over ......safe driving to all
  12. ive used toothpaste on mine works great then polish them ,be carefull they are coated
  13. get it shot blasted its quick if its that bad and needs stripping
  14. Welcome to Celica Club UK welly24 :)

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