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  1. Happy 6 Anniversary teegt4!

  2. teegt4

    DIY Seat Stitch Dye

    Gaitor looks great. Looking forward to the test on the seats stitching. Had a look at my steering wheel stitching and it looks black. I'd love to do it there too but not sure it would take. The stitching may have been the same as the seats at one time but the dirt and grimes turned it black.
  3. Happy 5 Anniversary teegt4!

  4. teegt4

    opinion on these spacers - machined

    I'll have a check tomorrow and see if the 12mm lip on the un-machined spacer would have fit all the way in if they hadn't removed the inside chamfered edge. It'd be interesting to know if what size lip the hubcentric spacers tend to have?? Mmmm..... Sorry digs I didn't really answer your question. Yes both fit perfectly. The machined one fits the non machined and vice versa. Think you might be onto something too. May be they did it to turned the 2x 20mm spacers into a 40mm one.
  5. teegt4

    opinion on these spacers - machined

    I'll send him a link to this thread.
  6. Hi guys. I'm selling these spacers. This isn't a for sale thread though as they've been sold but I don't want to sell anything which isn't up to the job or safe. To cut a long story short I bought them when I had my st205 from a member of the GT4OC (can I mention them on here? ). This was over 2 years ago now. At the time I just bought them and when they came I just ripped open the packet and had a quick look at them (oh yes they are defiantely spacers). Then they went back in the envelope for over 2 years as I'd sold the car a short time after. Fast forward to now and I had them ready to send out and noticed one of the lips on the hubcentric spacer has been machined down to about 6mm. The lip on the other is 12mm. Also on the rear on the same spacer the chamfered inside edge which would go onto the hub has been machined out. This is how I got them. They interlock as they should. So why would they machine half of the hubcentric lip off one spacer and it's chamfered inside edge? Would it be for aftermarket wheels? If so would they be okay for use with factory fit celica wheels? Also are they safe to use with a 6mm hubcentric lip, down from 12mm? Any help appreciated.
  7. Fantastic. Mines just running in then.
  8. teegt4

    Custom Dials

    Don't think they have the fog light on the display either which is an mot fail. Its my only option now as I missed out on the group buy too. I'm going to get some and modify it so you can see the fog display on the original dial. I think its a nice looking dial.
  9. teegt4

    Brake disc protective coating

    I went for the mintex pads. I think there are better more expensive pads for doing track days but for the road I definately rate them. The ones I bought are in the pic with my discs. Hth
  10. teegt4

    Brake disc protective coating

    I went for the gold anti rust coating. It does come off most if the disc after a short time but will stay in the grooves, dimples if you go for those options plus the hub. I did the calipers gold too. I'd do what davis924s said and get plain and paint the hubs if you want it to match your calipers because both my calipers and hubs are gold but slightly different shades. These are mine when I got them... And now fitted to the car...
  11. teegt4

    What came in the Post Today?

    That's good to know. I might need some of these.
  12. I think someone on here has nearly 200k. Id get a bluetooth obd2 reader, about £6 from ebay and see what it says. It may be easily fixed and not a big problem.
  13. teegt4

    What came in the Post Today?

    Boiiiing!!! My Apex lowering springs came today. Now range rovers, x5's and other 4x4's won't get arch gap envy when parked next to my t-sport.
  14. teegt4

    What came in the Post Today?

    Thanks . I was thinking that about how much of the gold will be left. I'd love it if they'd stay gold but like you said most of it will rub off. The hubs should stay like that and may be the dimples and grooves. I definately wanted them coated and it was a toss up between the gold and black. Someone put a pic on here with the black coating, looked good.
  15. teegt4

    What came in the Post Today?

    Well a biggish box got delivered today. It was my new grooved and dimpled Mtec discs with gold coating and mintex pads . Really pleased with them and with the service from Stewart at Freakyparts. Here's a little piccy....