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    Sorry no - I have seen many classics that look lovely on the outside but are rotten underneath. Few years ago we had an old mini come in, beautiful on the outside and inside but was so bad underneath had the dangerous marker ticked on it, Guy was planning on selling it to someone who was coming down from Scotland that afternoon to buy it. The main parts of the test are still relevant to a 40 year old car.
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    both number plate lights were dead, and had to tackle 20 year old rotten arse screws, that crumbled away to nothing. managed to get them all out tho, after 15 mins of persistence.
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    Changed mine last month didn’t look any better,
  6. 1 point
    Iv got a few plans: Sunroof delete Roll cage Lexan windows Door panels carbon mirrors and boot harnesses Aiming for under 1000kg wet and then maybe try for 300bhp N/A How much will actually happen is another story!
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    Today: Hoovered the inside of the car. Washed the outside of the car And changed the cabin filter!
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    The best advice is to buy good quality secondhand for the same price as cheap crap new. My current welder is an old, battered murex 3 phase welder which cost me £250 on ebay and it's far far better than the £650 one I was talked into buying a few years back. Same advice goes for pretty much any power tool except batteries.
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    quaife sequential gearbox with lsd is on order , delivery hopefully end of January Have also had a new exhaust manifold designed specifically for my car by Dave Traviss , should be here in 3 weeks hopefully , Gonna be busy in the new year
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    Most gasless migs are also capable of running with gas - you will not get even a half decent weld without gas, and using outside pretty much rules out the possibility of using disposable bottles - they would last mere minutes at the flow rate required to overcome even a mild breeze.
  12. 1 point
    My understanding of gasless welding is there is a flux coating on the wire that shields the weld the same way the gas does. It then needs cleaned off after welding but with gas you don't. Plus the disposable gas canisters cost about £10 for 10 mins welding so soon add up. Part of my thinking now is black Friday is coming up and hoped to get a bargain welder but might just watch eBay and pick up a used one. But that comes with the issue of is it being sold because it's crap or they no longer need a welder as the buy and sell rental cost was cheaper than a body shop.
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    Hah. same website I checked. Had different info when I looked. Was probably before the 20th may. Oh well. You win again Si, you're taking all my poker chips
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    I had it put on our black st before it was put on the road, it had a paint correction and coating applied and left in the workshop over night before I took home. It’s 2 years old now. I snow foam it and jet wash it off. I’d say 80% of the dirt just comes clean off. I’ve only washed and pat dried it since owning it and it looks mint. Ill defiantly be having it applied on what ever we get next when the fiesta goes back
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    300 photos!!!!!!! At an average layout of 8 pics per month I make that enough to fill the next 3 years worth of calendar's and still have a few left over
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    Personally i think all cars should have an mot check. Most people on hear would agree even if your cars are up together they would still mot it. Take new cars from the factory they don't get an mot for the first 3 years. How many people know of the new cars taking their first mot after 3 years that have failed and that's only 3 years from new. It's a stupid idea. OK enthusiasts do tend to look after their cars bikes ect better than Joe blogs. Some are no mechanic and have work done for them and wouldn't necessarily realise or notice something was wrong.
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