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Multi vehicle Insurance


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My current insurer, Reis motorsports, have just had their underwriter pull out of multicar policies leaving them unable to offer renewal which is due in just under 2 weeks.

They are able to renew my competition car, Ezzy, as a single car policy again so I'll at least have 1 car available for transport although it won't be covered for business use.

I;m now looking for another insurer for 3 more celicas, a clio and a transit van camper conversion.


Any recommendations other than the obvious ones like Flux ?


Does anyone remember greenlight and where they were based ? I can't find their corp forum in either current or lapsed.


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I found him as a Lapsed Member. It is Neil@Greenlight.. Maybe check that in CP panel for full details?



Neil Fehily


Greenlight Ins
Foremost House, Radford Way
CM12 0BT


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Reis have quoted for the competion car, going back to a single car policy which is where I started with them so I'll probably go for that. They have been very good until this renewal which wasn't their fault.


Ended up going for flux for the remainder as the price was reasonable. Total price was £1321 for campervan, GT4, SS1 and Clio. The Clio was done on a separate policy via Aviva because of the higher milage requested of 20000, the other 3 on a multicar policy with a specialist insurer.


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