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  1. E10 fuel?

    Where is the problem with runnng E10 fuel? Is it fuel pipes, injectors, timing etc I'm sure I've heard of ethanol eatting through rubber fuel hoses, so if this is the problem then an upgrade to modern pipes. Is it a new ECU program to compensate
  2. what have you done to your celica today...

    Watched the clock turn over to 160,000 miles. Need to look at timing belt it's getting on a few years now but not too many miles since it was last done
  3. what have you done to your celica today...

    Paid the garage for fixing my snapped wheel studs but due to work I can't get her back till the weekend. I need to put some trouble free miles on her or even though I will regret selling she is going.
  4. What came in the Post Today?

    Not sure where I'm going to put it yet as I'm not a big sticker fan but im sure I'll find somewhere
  5. Petrol prices :(

    Not filled up on petrol for a couple of weeks so looks like it'll be fun next time I need to fill up So glad I can run the daily on biodiesel 99p/ltr so not at the filling station as much anymore to watch the price increases.
  6. Selling repo'd cars? Advice required

    Thanks for the advice I've not been ignoring this thread just been busy with work and the wifes idea of just a wee job round the house which turned into pulling down walls stripping 30 years with of wall paper argh. Anyway tenants started paying more rent so this may not be needed we will see but won't hold my breath
  7. I work for a company that owns and rents out industrial units we have a tenant that hasn't paid rent for several months. Lots of promises and partial payments but we are going to evict them and take control of the contents of the unit to sell to cover the debt, it won't. There are several cars in the unit some we may just fill with scrap metal and get collected. Others are worth a bit more and from a casual look will run so could sell but no log book would this be a huge issue in selling? Would you buy a car with no log book from a company I know it could be iffy from a private seller?
  8. Selling repo'd cars? Advice required

    We don't want to sell a third parties property but surly they would need proof of ownership otherwise anyone could claim to own it. As their business was buying, fixing and selling cars we are quite confident they belong to the tenant as a sole trader. But will check the DVLA link thanks. I will be doing nothing without authorisation from higher up in the company. We really don't want the hassle of parting out this crap and hope it will scare him into paying his rent but doubt it will.
  9. Selling repo'd cars? Advice required

    From what I have been lead to believe is that it's not our problem it's his. He hasn't paid his rent and we are taking control of all of the contents of the unit to cover his debt. If someone can prove ownership that's different but otherwise it will be sold. Tools and stock are easy to sell but the vehicles may end up crushed for scrap which is a shame with something like a classic mini.