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  1. Just in case anyone is interested, I figured out where to get single issues. You just need to go directly to the publisher (kelsey.co.uk) and you can order single issues. Free postage too
  2. It's funny, use to be I could get Banzai everywhere and could never find Jap Performance. Now it's the other way round...
  3. Precisely why I was looking for it I'm not a regular reader of it, hence why I'm reluctant to subscribe online. I can't find anywhere that will let you order just one magazine, unless you are willing to pay almost twice the price!
  4. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows of the best place to buy Banzai Magazine off the shelf? I'm looking a physical copy but can't find it in the usual places (Easons and Tesco). I'm in Northern Ireland, if that makes any difference... Thanks.
  5. Welcome to Celica Club UK High-Octane :)

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