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  1. Cheers for that. Yeah I take your point about the Fondmetal wheels bending etc.....I am a bit of a stickler though for keeping stuff standard in so far as possible. I've taken a look at their web site and they look a real possibility. Many thanks!
  2. Leeds is about 90 miles from me. But if they are good at what they do, I could always consider using a courier... I used a courier to get my wheels to Milton Keynes. There is a pic of one of the wheels earlier on up this thread - both wheels that were refurbed are rusting in exactly the same places (whilst my original/untouched wheels are completely rust free.....)
  3. But there is no signs of this happening on the 2 alloys that haven’t been refurbished (I.e. the wheels that are entirely still original). Whereas BOTH of the wheels that were refurbished are rusting (quite badly) in exactly the same places.
  4. Thanks very much for that . Yeah I paid Pristine £111 per wheel - I could have got them done cheaper, but I wanted a proper job doing.... Just had a quick look on their website - look a decent outfit.......but I am up North, so too far away
  5. They initially wanted to paint over the plastic studs but I said no. So they drilled them out and replaced with new ones (I had a limited stash of replacement studs, which I sourced from Fondmetal) When I said bolt holes, I mean the bolts that secure the wheel to the hub (not the decorative studs). Took a picture of the valve area......it needs cleaning, but you can see the rust underneath.
  6. It hasn't actually broke the paint yet, so I can't see what colour it is. It is bubbly though.....and spreading! Just had another look - looks to be breaking through around where the valve is - looks brown.
  7. Hi, I am looking to get my Fondmetal Tech 5 alloy wheels refurbished and am after recommendations please. The short story is this: a tyre fitter gauged 2 of my completely unmarked and in beautiful condition alloy wheels, which necessitated my having to get them refurbished. After some considerable research, I had them refurbished at Pristine Alloy Wheels in Milton Keynes nearly 3 years ago. To be fair, they looked amazing when they came back - see the attached pictures. But fast forward to now and despite the wheels having never been anywhere near a curb o
  8. Yeah I have taken a look at the previous threads. I'll do it over a few weekends - there's no rush as it isn't particularly bad just yet (it is a case of prevention is better than cure!!). Thanks again ;-)
  9. Thanks :-) Hopefully going to make a start on this next weekend - I'll take a look at the sills then. Thanks!
  10. That's brilliant - thanks very much for all the advice, which is much appreciated! My next dumb question was where should I position the axle stands when I tackle the subframes/floor pan etc, but the jacking points seem the obvious spot. Thanks very much for that ;-)
  11. Sorry, I am showing my ignorance now - what/where are the sill covers?? Just ordered a 115mm angle grinder, but need to order a wire brush - who knew there were so many/types! Any recommendations as to which one I should go for?? Also need to order some axle stands as well...
  12. Thanks very much for taking the time for the comprehensive response Bazz. The car is worth a lot more than £2.6k - it has only had 1 previous owner only (I have had it for the last 8 years) with currently only 64K on the clock. It is completely standard/unmolested and has a full Toyota service history with a fully stamped up book.....and is immaculate....apart from the underneath that is! I have spent a lot of money maintaining it over the years including replacing the wheels (managed to source some direct from Fondmetal, as Toyota had none left), the front headlights, rear lights etc etc etc.
  13. Hi guys - after a bit of advice please. I have been toying with the idea of having the underneath of my car restored (complete strip, shot blast subframes/floor pan and paint/seal etc) for some time now to the extent that I have had a a couple of garages take a look and also received a quote for the work (£2.6K). Thinking about it though, I just don't think I can justify spending that kind of money as the rust doesn't seem bad enough to warrant it. As such, I am thinking about have a bash at it myself using some axle stands, a wire brush and some paint!! To that end, I
  14. Welcome to Celica Club UK biggles933 :)

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