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  1. Happy 4 Anniversary Viva La Bloke!

  2. Happy Birthday Viva La Bloke!

  3. Happy 2 Anniversary Dansmith!

  4. Happy 5 Anniversary J8sun!

  5. Happy 6 Anniversary jonahjones26!

  6. Happy 7 Anniversary Adz_ST!

  7. Happy 3 Anniversary Viva La Bloke!

  8. Happy Birthday Viva La Bloke!

  9. Dropped her off at the garage to have a new clutch fitted i hate leaving her lol Sent from my Nokia Lumia 1020 using Tapatalk
  10. gave her a proper good clean inside and out so she looks good for wednesday when she goes in for a new clutch
  11. have they used carbon wrap on the rear windows ? lol
  12. Probably to late now but i got a set of wolfrace asiatec jdms from a company called wheelpower devon, they had loads on there ebay page, i got my set probably no more than 2 months ago ? Sent from my HP SlateBook 10 x2 PC using Tapatalk
  13. Gave her a good wash and polish Sent from my HP SlateBook 10 x2 PC using Tapatalk
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