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Gen 7 Pricing - Low Mileage, FSH, premium+style

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Hi Guys and Gals - 

I've got a question.


So my dad's neighbour has a Gen 7, she's looking to sell and I thought 'this needs to go on the club site'

Its a cracking example, very clean and a very low mileage model.

Its got the Style Pack and the Premium pack (so tte spoiler, 17inch alloys and leather seats and the digital climate control. Also a sunroof!)


A snippit of the message from the neighbour -


'The Celica’s all spruced up, even has a new battery! I’ve put together a few pics, let me know if I should do a few more. The MOT runs out in November and the mileage is 35,668, there’s a full service history. '


How much have we seen these go for previously? It's likely to get posted on here to be kept nice and looked after but I would like  a good idea on what it's worth.






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@CheltGirl @Xanadu


Thank you both! My dad saw it on her driveway and after a long talk about how his son had one, she said she was selling. I kinda took over and said it should go to someone who would care for it, as an 'unmolested' stock car! Think it would go well in the club. Im even considering it myself.


£5900 wow, so would it be fair to say this would be in the £6000 range based on Mileage?

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