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  1. Tool kit

    im awful, i dont even have a jack, or wheel brace in there at the moment. i think theres jump leads, and a 2m piece of electrical wire under the seat tho, not much, but something.
  2. i ditched the double din unit out of my car a couple months ago, and fitted a single, in its place. big hole leftover in the dash, what options do i have ? ive seen some pictures, with what appears to be a solid, no storage, blanking plate, with toyota on, and most common. im guessing thats a factory fitted option ? .. how those ones fit to the stereo bracket ? anything else available. something with storage, would be ideal, but mainly i just wanna plug the big hole up in the dashboard
  3. stereo blank options - gen 6

    its in my friends garage at the mo, ill get it back, and test the cd
  4. Pre Winter Checks

    Just thinking of those days where frost/ice welds the window to it's surround. I suppose with the Celica, being a frameless window, once you rip the door open, it'll break all the ice at the top side of it away, Hopefully no one smashes a window
  5. Pre Winter Checks

    is there anything that can be done about the electric windows ? ... cos 20+ year old motors on most toyota's are gutless
  6. Pre Winter Checks

    chunky gaps in the tread looks good for the snow
  7. Pre Winter Checks

    ive been trying to, ever since i bought the car. so far, ive changed the clutch, both c.v boots, the radiator, both rear drop-links, painted and fitted rear bumper, and a bunch of other stuff. working my way down a long arse list. its not worthy, lol. previous owner blatantly got a bent mot for it. what tyres are those, crazy lady
  8. Pre Winter Checks

    those 3 words ' pre winter checks ' made me laugh. my exhaust is about to fall off, rear brakes are grinding / binding. front brakes are squeeling, 2 tyres are shot, and spare is punctured, half the interior is missing, and needs putting back in, and theres numerous clunks and clonks from front and rear suspension. and my idles all over the place. i get about 3 minutes a day to work on it. im screwed. hah
  9. stereo blank options - gen 6

    i dont think its bluetooth. its got cd, radio, usb, and front 3.5mm aux jack the menu's are a bit complicated to work, which can give you a headache, but i found once youve spent ages setting everything up, its alright after that. it has, what ive branded as ' chameleon mode ', where you can adjust the colour and brightness of the backlights, to suit whatever colour lights your dash has. theres a daytime colour setup, and a nighttime colour setup, which flicks between the 2 colours youve set, when you switch the headlights on and off. sound quality out of it seems pretty good. i dont know if the cd works. ive never put one in it
  10. stereo blank options - gen 6

    you sure ? i pulled it out, to fit what you have now, lol although i bought a ' toyota ' blank, instead of the cubby hole thing, cubby would be better for storage. if your current stereo has usb, it sounds like you might have the optimum setup already.
  11. stereo blank options - gen 6

    the surrounding gap you mean ? its a smidge on the tight side, when clicking the trim over the top, but it has an even gap, pretty much all the way around it. perfect pics there mate, thanks
  12. stereo blank options - gen 6

    nice one matt, ive left him a message this one mate :
  13. help understanding part numbers

    for anyone else, thats as confused and clueless as i was. my advice is go to : https://toyota.epc-data.com/ and enter your 17 digit chassis number, from your cars registration log book, into the search box, in top corner of site. it'll bypass all the thinking and confusion, and put you straight to your cars parts. you have to click on the 5 digit number, in the schematic picture, of the part you need, to open up a 2nd box, with the actual 10 digit part number. the 2 gaskets i was looking for, come up as : 22215-74380 22271-88461 and ive been looking for an exhaust hanger bracket for weeks too, which is : 17508-74080 its easy when you know how, confusing when you dont
  14. im struggling to understand how toyota part numbers work. they seem to be unlike any ive come across, for instance, in toyota's parts catalogue, they will have the gasket marked as 22215, but that isnt actually the number for what you want, it seems more of a number for that type of gasket, as if you search the net, it will throw 20 different gaskets as you, all starting 22215 with a different 5 digit number on the back, relating to which one/car it actually is.. can someone help me understand how to get parts for my car, as this is normally a simple thing for me, but i cant seem to understand. where do i get those other 5 digits from ? im after these 2 gaskets in pic, to start with :
  15. anyone know what the usual cause for this is ? does the idle air control valve need replacing ? only when engines cold - it'll either rev up and down continuously, or it'll idle real high at 2000rpm for a good long while. any help appreciated, as its making me look like a fool with a broken car, infront of the neighbours
  16. 3sge revs up and down when cold

    cool, ill check that too
  17. 3sge revs up and down when cold

    coolant temp sensor is that ? my gauge seems to operate as it should, and fans cut in and out, when in traffic. impossible to check without live data tho, and i dont think these cars have obd/other plug-ins do they ? well.. not impossible, could probably back probe it, with a multimeter, but i dont know f-all when it comes to in-depth electronic stuff
  18. 3sge revs up and down when cold

    thatll cost you an arm and a leg, dont do that. did you buy the same one as me ? im sure its easy, id tell you how to do it, but i just dont have the time to do anything ' extra ' at the moment, my cars slowly dieing on me, here, there, and everywhere, and im struggling to find time for that ' important ' stuff. does the reciever send out power down the wire, or does it send out earth, when activated ? not sure jim... i think the 205 uses a different throttle body, from what i can tell in epc pics, but the air control valve, might be the same, dunno tho. 3 pipes coming off it, and 4 mounting screws, seems to be what most of them look like. im guessing 2 of those pipes are coolant ? and the 3rd is vacuum possibly ?
  19. your plans for over winter ?

    no plans, apart from some skids in the snow
  20. 3sge revs up and down when cold

    cool. ill get some gaskets, and give it a try .... sometime between the 100 other jobs to do
  21. 3sge revs up and down when cold

    new ones £20, comes with a gasket. it wont be genuine tho, so dunno how that will effect the ecu. how can you clean inside the old one, leave it to soak in carb cleaner or something ? 2 slots in it, look too narrow to get anything in there, for a proper clean
  22. help understanding part numbers

    dont have time to go to a dealer, too busy working, and they arent open sundays. have to buy online, only option its ok, ive figured it out now, you click on the part number, and it goes into another screen, with the second lot of numbers, for the full part number. stupid system really, using 2 sets of numbers, but oh well, know now.
  23. 3sge revs up and down when cold

    the oil filter and air filter dont look old. the plugs, dunno, havent touched them. the fuel filter looks about a year or 2 old, so could do with changing. where can i buy gaskets from. everything on ebay is from america. can buy a new valve for £20 by the looks of it, probably easier to just whack another one on
  24. help understanding part numbers

    ffs, found you have to click on the number, to reveal a second number, god sake. im just angry now.