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Everything posted by Sherv

  1. Accident damage.

    Judging by the market,its not an unreasonable offer at all tbh mate.And yeah when you put down the approximate value of the vehicle when you insure it,it doesn't mean a lot in the event of a loss.Most policies will state clearly 'market value' unless you have agreed a valuation with them beforehand.personally i would try and agree a compromise with them and try to get nearer 1500 but if they dont then the original offer isnt bad anyway
  2. Wright Off Valuation

    Thats right,you have to justify it by maybe finding similar cars for sale to show your car is worth more .you will only be insured up to market value,therefore the first offer you get will be likely the lowest example price for a similar condition car
  3. Three words:maintenance, maintenance, maintenance.Keep it tip top and it shouldnt be a problem.
  4. The Slug is Coming back.... Maybe.

    Hey Steve hopefully you'll be back then,hope you are all well
  5. Accident damage.

    Glad you're ok.Judging by the vw it was a reasonable hit,i would guess theres more damage beneath the plastics as Bryan suggests unfortunately.be surprised if not but in any case the car protected you which is all you can ask from a 16 year old motor
  6. What came in the Post Today?

    That's cracking,that.
  7. Yeah,it was the Greenlight chap that took the pics with effects on.Like this one with a monochrome background
  8. About time we had a summer pic,no?
  9. Very cool.We had some serious snow in Kent one year when I owned my ST205,was an absolute blast with the 4WD.Especially driving past stranded BMW's with a 'pssshhhhhh' and some four wheel drift on. (Had to be done)
  10. Club Calendar 2018 - CANCELLED

    Every cloud...! Thats the spirit
  11. Club Calendar 2018 - CANCELLED

    Yeah its a shame but just not enough to fill a calendar plus we have to prioritise at the moment.apologies to those who have sent some in.
  12. Club Calendar 2018 - CANCELLED

    Do it....Do it noowww! And as Dawn stated,if your car is pictured sat with your wheelie bin in the background and an empty drinks bottle on the roof,it wouldn't make a Banzai cover shot and it certainly won't be featured in the Calendar!
  13. No MoT for 40 Year Old Cars

    I got 10 years to go and counting....
  14. Red or Orange Gen1 Celica

    You know what..I've always been an advocate of red cars.But done right orange looks pretty awesome,so I've gone for that ,the pic you put up looks pretty legendary so yeah get the Jaffa paint code on
  15. Celica return?

    Amen to that. I won't hold my breath..
  16. Which Gearbox Should I Choose?

    IF you can be sure the refurb is properly done,then I'd go with that.Risk percentage of poker ,less variables with the refurb'd one rather than one that supposedly has lower miles but has more variables of risk involved as you are only relying on someone's word,plus it might be alright now but put some miles on it and the older parts will start to react to the extra wear. If you develop a problem with the refurb,at least you may have a chance of some recompense with the company that did it,if the other one fails then you're looking at another refurb anyway,and you've already paid for one.
  17. Toyota Toys

    I like a splitter on the old gens.As long as its not toooo Bosozoku stylee,but saying that there's a middle ground that can be found http://www.speedhunters.com/2017/07/bosozokus-perfect-muscle-car/ outrageous on this liftback BUT is pretty f**** cool
  18. My @200 bhp BEAMS -ST162 Gen4, ("CJN").....with its big brother next door..Steve G's ST165 GT4 @ 370bhp: ("Betsy") Wings and Wheels show,Dunsfold Park. Badass Gen4s
  19. GA61 investment?

    MA61's are a pukka looking car,and a little under appreciated IMO. Great shape.Steve C has his metallic blue over silver which is sweet. (Auto ) Darryl who frequents the TEC and whom I know mainly because he happened to be a mate of my brother in law (small world) ,has a mint car or two,his silver MA was at Beaulieu.They're one of the rare cars that I wouldn't worry about changing the wheels on either,they look really good.
  20. GA61 investment?

    Surjit's car is pretty damn immense.Had a new paint job not long ago too,looks peachy
  21. can not believe mr T prices sometimes

    I'm one of the lucky ones,I've got a 1987 car that when you open the tailgate up and give it a light lift with your hand the tailgate glides up nicely and stays there And technically it has a spoiler attached lol. Conversely i bought a 1988 donor car years ago for parts,that had a tailgate that would stay up and lull you into a false sense of security when you were leaning into the back,and then drop like a goddamn stone when you least expected it It was genuinely bloody dangerous. I have this strange vision of you waiting for the courier to drop off your parts,then chasing him up your drive screaming at him and throwing an assorted mixture of razor-clawed tabby cats in his general direction
  22. can not believe mr T prices sometimes

    Those jack prices are really cheap,I'll be looking at another low profile one as I'm going to sell my Liftmaster pro-garage ultra low profile jobbie. I bought it ages back but I went a bit too OTT and its too heavy duty for general use TBH.The caravan sits in front of the garage these days so its too much to carry the thing about with my back .Only used it twice I'll stick an ad on here for it soon,cost me £120 plus posting (its biblically heavy) so ill ad it for around £70 ono collected. The SGS struts have been used by a few guys on here I think havent they?Seem to remember a group buy a while back but not sure if that was with Kent gas Springs though.But yeah some of the dealer prices are ridiculous in their wild variations.I bought a set of Opti fit OEM wiper blades for the gen4 from my Mr T with the retro screw fittings cheaper than a set of budget crud from Euro parts.Ask about a plastic cover for something though and its second mortgage prices
  23. Done a few little goodies on cars over the years to "see me through"... duck tape wrapped around the high pressure PAS pipe on the gen4 to hopefully drive up to Coventry for our first gen4 meet was a good one...then a series of cable ties over the top of it to keep the pressure in,it looked like a dinosaur spine But it did the job,replaced the foam lagging over the top,wiped the dribbles of fluid up ,and took the car for the MOT. It passed