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Everything posted by Sherv

  1. OBD scanners/reset

    Thatd be handy Doug, cheers mate
  2. OBD scanners/reset

    Yeah I think theres one hanging down in the area of the footwell( lots of trim to replace yet!) its from a 1997/8 car?
  3. True enough,true enough. Just noticed you're Paignton now,been in Devon over the Bank holiday visiting family in Dunsford nr Exeter,they all went to Paignton for the day yesterday,i should've come out of the pub and come and said hello
  4. That's not so bad then,if the PAS leak is the main high pressure hose like the gen4s suffer from its not horrendous money to get a new one made up,though its refitting it.Like you say you need another Bek. (is such a thing possible?)
  5. Get her mechanically checked again properly before you spend your cash on cosmetics Kitti Why is the PAS empty?
  6. colour patches from toyota

    Havent looked into this myself,wonder if they will just do the more recent 'modern' range of colours,unlike like the gen4 racing pink 3E5 Super Red2
  7. Just noticed this!

    I was looking at doing a Chipsaway course this year but never came off due to cost.However I spent a fair bit of time at the HQ looking at how the system works,and also a couple days out on the road with a couple of the franchisees in the Kent area and they were very professional ,the ones I was with and did a good job on damage like that.That colour isn't one of the simplest to blend in,but im sure they could do a good job for a reasonable price.Also worth mentioning that they will mix the paint in the van on site,so if you have any other little bits in other areas of the car,wing mirrors,etc etc then they will do you a deal for the whole lot as they are there already and have the paint ready to go You get all the bits done ,and the guy is happy as hes made a few extra quid for a little extra work.
  8. Gen 4 + 5 + 6 pics

    wherever it ends up its an awesome link,some members cars in there too,Trin and Betsy to name just two.By the way Shaun,if you ever sell your Roulettes I want first refusal I need them in my life
  9. New engine replacement by Bek8111 reaches latest stage...my BEAMS powered gen4 Celica coming on well 25 year old Type-R tamer
  10. Poly Bushes...a mechanics viewpoint!

    My opinion is that you have to take into account the purpose of the car in the first place,and like Rich etc has said,work out your compromises.If you have your car as your daily,and you are going over the usual crap roads,speed bumps and all that stuff then having a lowered car that's fully polybushed on large rims with low profile tyres,then you are going to compromise comfort AND longevity of a lot of your parts.Comes with the territory.Im lucky in that at the moment im running a cheapo Micra as a daily,therefore my Celica can have a fair bit of license to be modded.Springs,exhaust,all this stuff.Ive polybushed the uprated rear ARB as it is by design stiffer and is actually there for a purpose therefore it is supplied with polybushes anyway.Ive kept my wheels to a 16" and on a 45 profile.Trying to get the best package for me and what the car is used for;its not a track car so I haven't gone balls out polybushing the whole lot,thats not to say that I wont replace some of the bushes as I go but I still want to spice the car up but not make it so its a pain in the ass,even though its an odd week night blast and weekend car.I still want it to handle properly,go quickly and be a drivers car;its all about getting the balance right for your needs.
  11. 4, 5s and 6

    Oh I have no doubt she will mate. The 'A' team eh,crazy fools..... LOL
  12. 4, 5s and 6

    Good shout,we know how things can get from leaks inside the car don't we...
  13. 4, 5s and 6

    quality mini meet!Was Steve on eggshells while you removed his plastics lol
  14. What came in the Post Today?

    Nice lot of kit there,is the KYB looking box behind a red herring or is there some serious faffing about to happen
  15. my 87 Gen4

    Just a few pics!
  16. Happy Anniversary thesherv!

  17. It's an ST165 Steve...everything about it is hot
  18. saw this stunning Celica Supra today

    Hopefully see this at the TEC meet with the gen4s soon,cant remember if I saw it last year
  19. Illuminati

    It's spontaneously combusted
  20. (Yesterday) dropped engine out ready for upgrade
  21. Poll: which would you go for

    Tried that,but no takers
  22. speed limiter

    there's a sig for someone,right there.
  23. The Simplon pass,the tactic used by every England football team ,ever. Must be a beautiful trip through those regions,beats going up and down your local high street scaring pensioners with your dump valve Dubs