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  1. Happy Birthday john davis!

  2. Happy Birthday john davis!

  3. Happy Birthday john davis!

  4. Happy Birthday john davis!

  5. hi all i was out in the works van today and i spotted a green gen six going past rolls royce hucknall at about 2.15 pm it looked like it had stickers on the rear quaters
  6. please explain what are the legal requirements for 2 pac i just want to know I'm in the right my boss said its not dangerous and we have adequate ventilation our spray booth is a big aluminum box with the back wall sucking spray away and the fronts open
  7. hi all i was just wondering how dangerous 2 pac is when painting my boss at work asked me to paint some fans and i said no because we just have an open spray booth and paper through away masks he had a bit of a paddy i will do anything as long as its safe cheers john
  8. that front bumper makes me want to
  9. if i was you i would get the one of ebay then go buy the other one from fensport or toyota they fetch about £100.00 second hand and you will never have trouble selling them
  10. there is one for sale on ebay i think its pasenger though its buy it now £25.00 i hope this helps big john just had a look its pasenger side item number 160333184402
  11. im very sorry to hear this i hope you get her fixed okay we get alot of stuff like this where we live bloody students that think its funny to run over your car leaving a pond in the roof. i have just noticed you live in loughborough to im on west field drive near the collage\uni
  12. oooo lets race like corsa`s and saxo`s come on guys you will be fitting neons and flaming kits next
  13. in the autotrader new cars section ( whats coming when) they have toyota celica and toyota supra on the list for 2009
  14. would be intrested in a swap a bit of cash your way perhaps or i will sell mine and buy yours please keep me informed many thanks john
  15. hi what coulor is your car i have a pair of silver skirts in very good condition apart from one that i have started to rub down no scuffs cracks my cars blue the same as your skirts cheers john
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