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  1. The_Stapler

    Toyota Celica ZZT231

    Toyota Celica ZZT231
  2. The_Stapler

    Celica photo challenge.

    Bah, I've got apaches right here
  3. The_Stapler

    Celica photo challenge.

    Do you count helicopters?
  4. The_Stapler

    Drivetrain advice

    I've got myself a flywheel, now I just need a clutch and a reputable place to sort my gearbox near Ipswich. Getting there
  5. The_Stapler

    Drivetrain advice

    Hi all, As you may or may not know, I have to refurbish my gearbox as the bearings are starting to go on it. Does anyone know a reputable place that'll do the work at a decent price near Ipswich? Also, while the box is out I figured I may as well upgrade my clutch and flywheel. So I looked on se7ens webpage at the package deal (clutch flywheel and replacement bolts) but it seems that he's sold out for the foreseeable. Is there any other sites you'd recommend to get these bits from? Cheers in advance
  6. Happy 1 Anniversary The_Stapler!

  7. I always thought bronze would look good with storm grey, but I've never seen another with that colour mix. Nice
  8. The_Stapler

    Heads Up Display possible?

    Was that on his celica or his new car? I dont see anything on his celica mod thread
  9. The_Stapler

    Heads Up Display possible?

    Awesome, I'm gonna be away from the phone next week but I'll see it as soon as I'm back
  10. The_Stapler

    Heads Up Display possible?

    I'm sure I could find an old tablet or something that runs android for a decent price. Ideally I'd have a dedicated hud projector like the one ambermile has mentioned, for clarity, but with a custom display layout. I'll keep doing research on it, surely someone has done something similar before.
  11. The_Stapler

    Heads Up Display possible?

    Ah okay got it, I thought it was nexus but want sure. I've got a note 4 with a mahoosive extended battery on it so screen size and brightness isn't a problem. I'd like to have it on the windscreen though, but that would make it hard to access satnav/music (right now I've got it magneted onto the little flap in the centre console. It sounds like that torque app is really good though, the more I read the better it looks.
  12. The_Stapler

    Heads Up Display possible?

    Thanks for the replies, I know the torque app is out but I didn't know that it could be customised. So do you have it display on a screen or a hud? Not sure what a nex is. I'm sure I could knock up something to fit the dash, if not maybe it could be mounted to the roof/top of windshield and projected downward?
  13. The_Stapler

    Heads Up Display possible?

    Hey all, I've been having more odd car thoughts recently, so brace yourselves for possible ridiculousness. Bolt on heads up displays for cars are pretty widely available these days, but there aren't any customisable ones with detailed car information in them. It's mostly all just speed, sat nav and time. My idea is for a proper, green, fighter jet style display. I could probably use the same method as installing gauges to get: engine readouts (oil temperature, a/f ratio etc) displayed on the windshield, saving on gauges. Tyre pressures And then use an old android phone or something to get: Speed Barometric pressure (for altitude) Distances and GPS (heading and way points would be sweet too) Then display the whole lot on a HUD in front of the instrument panel. Has anyone heard of such a thing being done before? I do a lot of motorway driving and I think it would be cool to have some extra data to monitor, along with not needing gauges. Any ideas/advice is helpful to me.
  14. The_Stapler

    Celica photo challenge.

    Anyone got a lift kit on their celica? Maybe a rally gt4 could mount the big roundabouts and have a spin in the grass? Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  15. The_Stapler

    what have you done to your celica today...

    Carbon mirrors, because racecar.