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Everything posted by **BESTY**

  1. Happy 11 Anniversary **BESTY**!

  2. **BESTY**

    Is corner weighting worth doing for non track cars?

    Glad all is going well. What's the plans with the rear camber arms? Un-seize and adjust?
  3. **BESTY**


    I have sold a fair few Polybush kits and associated parts. I have heard nothing but good feedback on the kits for these cars.
  4. **BESTY**

    Custom exhaust

    I can supply a HKS system cheaper than that!
  5. **BESTY**

    Custom exhaust

    Lee, have you considered the likes of HKS?
  6. Happy 10 Anniversary **BESTY**!

  7. Trying to figure out if you can get top mounts on the wrong side of the car? Camber bolts willl go some way to rectifying this if you don't get it sorted.
  8. What suspension did you get fitted?
  9. **BESTY**

    Basic Coil Over Question BC Coilovers

    the 8cm is reffering to how much thread is left in the lower mounts, only an issue if the car is going to be set with a VERY high ride height To lower the car's ride height with the units fitted, raise the car, insert H & S blurb, loosen the bottom locking ring and twist the units by hand to the desired amount, tighten bottom locking ring back up. It can take a a while to set up as you want them and level all round
  10. **BESTY**

    Gen 7 rear arm bushes

    These are the first set of rear bush holders i have media blasted and powder coated with a fine texture. Im in the process of blasting the rear camber arms and will be powder coating them for the weekend. All arms and carriers will be sold on an exchange basis and fitted with Poly bushes. As previously mentioned the poly bushes are a good price on their own, but i am the cheapest on the net for them, then some labour and powder. These will all be available next week! I have the rear hubs to blast and powder, the hub flanges/bearings bolt to these,and have two bushes per side in the bottom of them. Full Gen7 Bush kits available also
  11. **BESTY**

    Gen 7 rear arm bushes

    I offered the whole bush kits a little while back but there was no interest? Yes Toiletduck, thats the bushes i would use, UK made tried and tested
  12. **BESTY**

    Gen 7 rear arm bushes

    No, not me. You can stick with standard settings for Geometry or if you have full adjustment a little more camber/castor is a good thing
  13. **BESTY**

    Gen 7 rear arm bushes

    No, the prices quoted are for the whole bush kit. I need to work out a price for the overhauled arms with new poly bushes. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. **BESTY**

    Gen 7 rear arm bushes

    Ok so retail for the entire bush kit includes vat etc is £403. I sell it for £363
  15. **BESTY**

    Gen 7 rear arm bushes

    Yes, rear camber is adjusted via the Banana arm in which I'm looking to offer on an exchange basis poly bushed.
  16. **BESTY**

    Gen 7 rear arm bushes

    Worth noting I sell the bush kits for less than RRP prices
  17. **BESTY**

    Gen 7 rear arm bushes

    Euro car parts don't sell rear hubs or banana arms? I can sell front wishbones with updated poly bushes for less than euro car parts wishbones. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. **BESTY**

    Gen 7 rear arm bushes

    Bushes for the banana arms are £70 just on there own. Rear hub bushes £75. Then powder coating, labour, postage it soon mounts up. Complete bush kit retails at £336 But it would all be a bolt off bolt on affair.
  19. **BESTY**

    Gen 7 rear arm bushes

    I do the gen4,5 and 6 arms. Looking at doing similar for the gen7 if there is a market for it? Gen7 is a little different with having bushes in the rear hub, all of which I can blast, powder coat re-bush and sell on an exchange basis. Fair amount of work. Again I can do it if there is a market for it.
  20. **BESTY**

    Gen 7 rear arm bushes

    No press needed to fit them but you may need one to remove them or burn them out? I'm looking into offering a service for the gen7 Celicas like I do for the gen 4, 5 and 6.
  21. **BESTY**

    Gen 7 rear arm bushes

    Yep, Me I sell Polybush bushes. Which actual bushes do you require?
  22. **BESTY**

    Braided brake lines

    I sell Hel lines if interested, various colours available
  23. **BESTY**

    Toyota EPC

    Hi, I'm looking for a copy (Backup) of a Toyota EPC. i'm aware there are now a fair few online versions but im looking to load it onto another machine which doesn't have internet access. Torrent sites seem to be on the decline and a quick search on Ebay hasn't yielded very much either, any ideas? Steve
  24. **BESTY**

    Toyota EPC

    Electronic Parts Catalogue. Same as Toyota use to look up parts