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  1. Happy Birthday Pym!

  2. Pym

    Happy 7 Anniversary Pym!

  3. Happy Birthday Pym!

  4. Pym

    Happy Anniversary Pym!

  5. Happy Birthday Pym!

  6. Happy Anniversary chaodou!

  7. Happy Anniversary sanjdaman!

  8. surjit

    Happy Anniversary surjit!

  9. tomar

    Happy Anniversary tomar!

  10. Happy Anniversary Pym!

  11. When I had the T sport I did occasionally find that I would struggle from 2nd to 3rd but the same as you this would get better at temperature.
  12. Pym

    Happy Anniversary Pym!

  13. It's a bit pointless having to display the tax disc, now that everything is on the DVLA computer system anyway. I guess the paper disc is just a back up in case the computers go down.
  14. I've found the same with my ebc disks. I have redstuff pads though, and my car has been sat around a lot so the surface of the disks are a bit coroded.
  15. This video only proves that it's the preparation and sanding that are the most important parts of getting a good finish. It doesn't matter how shite the finish is if you're willing to spend hours sanding the imperfections.
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