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  • Birthday 24/10/1984

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    '94 GT ST202

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  1. Happy Birthday Stain!

  2. 82.4BHP DRAG... bastard!!! id love tohave that much to loose
  3. rev1,2 & 3 3S-GE are NON-INTERFERANCE but the Beams motor IS INTERFERANCE.
  4. yes mate tis tru, as with most cars nowadays, the ECU's are "learning" ecus if you drive your car hard and fast the ECU will adjust to give the best economy for the style of driving if you slow down it will adjust for slow driving... when you disconnect the battery the ecu resets and a "base map" is used. it takes around 150/200 miles for the ecu to fully map itsself upbut after then it constantly adjusts.
  5. no panic-ing here, dont buy shell doesnt bother me!
  6. im not talking about courier/ delivery companies mate im talking about Haulage companies, ie. Stobarts, Irlams, Christian Salvesen, DHL...etc to be fair tesco have moved a lot of there long distance stuff to rail but they still have a hefty fleet of there own even after they have contracted stobarts to do some of there 'local' work!
  7. wish i was mate then i wouldnt give a shit i think im just slightly right wing... and i dont read any papers... in some haulage companies defence some of them do use rail more and more! sure hope i didnt offend anyone with that post
  8. well said that man this countrys "government" and i use the term very loosely grab onto everything rape, pilage and steal the fuck out of it and then try to put it back "the way it was" so that nobody complains... us british seem to be very good at not complaining about anything. higher fuel bills are just one in a whole line of things that the government think is a good idea... if they want us to be soo GREEN then wheres the government incentives for LPG conversions, solar panels, wind generators, tidal generators, alternative fuels? labour seem to be 2 faced... we will have a greener britain... one day when theres an incentive for us to make the switch. im all for LPG BUT it will take me 2 years to get the money back from converting my celi by which time i may have moved on and i certainly wont get my money back because i care about a few trees. ive said it time and time again my car is FAR less polluting than a prius, how so stain? i hear you ask, you take into consideration the "carbon footprint" of digging steel out of the ground preparing it to a quality worthy of a car, all the cars that the people who design build and sell drive to work and back every day, and running it for 10 years... im pretty sure that outweighs the carbon put out by car in the same timeframe... fuck new technology! some of the most reliable stuff ever built have designs dating back decades. i know for a fact that Large haulage companies manage to go through 750,000 LITRES of fuel A WEEK i dont see anyone targeting these guys and saying that they are killing our planet that would last me 26 years doing double the milage im doing at the moment and they are using that EVERY WEEK if the price goes up by a penny thats another 7,500 quid a week to do the same work... this subject about rising everything in this country winds me up and the government take the piss even more the only thing that i personally can see that labour have done is kept the intrest rates VAGUELY stable... but at what cost
  9. theres a lot of fast little cars out there... not many are in std trim and can beat a celi... i once saw a post on a fiat forum "if you want a fast cinq get a turbo if you want a fast car dont bother" IMO let him kick ur ass allover the place and then wave to him when your on lift as you pass him picking up his internals out of the verge! who cares man i got whooped by an Auris SR180 DIESEL but i did pass him when he bottled out round a roundabout. end of the day altho i dont like corsas or gen 7s yours is by far a better looking car and just think how hard it is for him to polish a turd!
  10. running back to page 5/6 about the dealings with the middle east... dont WE OWN an oil field or 2 in the north sea?
  11. IF it goes to court push for loss of earnings too! and emotional stress thats a right shitter... mines still stuck in my garage after she was "written off" by a hit and run so i know how it feels... when i did tell the police they didnt give 2 shits and basically shrugged their shoulders. this is the same fine metropolitan force who pulled me and gave me a producer for "driving slightly too close to a parked car" after following me for 6 miles and putting me on edge... good job they didnt follow me on my way to work but i guess 5am is far too early for the law enforcement to care about people doing bearly illegal activities
  12. mixed feelings on this one... i took mrs blue in when i first got her last year and had a guy at the cov Mr T called Mark Pennington take a look hes a gen 6 ex owner and told me EVERYTHING that was even slightly rusty!! good lad... took the black one in and had some pleb work on it who didnt even notice both no plate lights and the exhaust was hanging off... which cost me 400 notes 2 weeks later!!!
  13. hicks mate my advise is take it for a run up a dual carriageway with a mate follow you explain to them what your looking for, take it for a run to get her hot and roll off the throttle, then boot it! if you get smoke on roll off and then a quick whisp of slightly thicker smoke when you get back on the throttle then id be guessing valve guides are weeping. if theres whisps of smoke when your actually on the throttle my guess is that you may have worn rings! HTH
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