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  1. Leaky Sunroof... Not the usual

    The sunroof has drains so i assume its designed with some leakage around the sides in mind. I managed to sort out my leak issues fairly easily. The part where the rubber seals with on the roof the sides of the hole in the roof where the sunroof fits. It has a lot of crud and dirt stuck to it. Used a rough cloth and rubbed around it for ages and got all the crap off and its smooth to the touch. No more leaks since i did it. Im guessing when dirty it allows too much water to get in too quicky and then overloads the drains and you get some over spillage into the car. Ya could seal the sunroof too the body with ducktape and see if it makes a difference. That will tell you it is a problem with the sunroof. Other area for that sort of leak could be the weather strips on top of the car closer to the boot side. Under there i had some cracks in the metal and used sealer to sort it.
  2. Gen 7..good used buy or not?

    Looking at that list most cars of that age need those things doing. Some need a lot more done. As ams says need to inspect the car before purchase
  3. E10 fuel?

    from what iv read its to do with water content and it eating seals and pipes.
  4. Newcomer & happy

    U could save well over 100 quid if u insure 3 weeks early. I used compare the market and found that if u do last minute insurance you pay a lot more than if u do it in advance and set a start date of 3 weeks or so later. Also check out greenlight for insurance i think they give club discount.
  5. E10 fuel?

    Full compatability list. https://www.acea.be/publications/article/e10-petrol-fuel-vehicle-compatibility-list
  6. E10 fuel?

    also: https://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1191630 momentum 99 from tescos already is 9% ethanol!
  7. E10 fuel?

    Looks like we may be in the clear: Here is a list of ACEA member company petrol vehicles compatible with using BMW group: All petrol engine BMW models are cleared for the use of E10 petrol regardless of their year of manufacture but the minimum octane required should be observed according to the owner’s manual. Mercedes-Benz: E10 petrol is cleared for use in the vast majority of all Mercedes Benz vehicles with petrol engines, except: first generation direct injection C200 CGI (W203), CLK 200 CGI series (C209) of the years 2002 – 2005; models not equipped with three-way catalysts, models retrofitted with three-way catalysts or produced with a carburettor. These are mainly vehicles older than 25 years. Ford: E10 is cleared for use in all petrol driven Ford models sold in Europe since 1992 excluding: Ford Mondeo 1.8 SCI from 2003 to 2007. Personal imports not approved by Ford of Europe are not included in the above statement. Jaguar - Land Rover: Jaguar: E10 petrol is cleared for use in all Jaguar vehicles with petrol engines starting from model year 1992. Land Rover: E10 petrol is cleared for use in all Land Rover vehicles with petrol engines starting from model year 1996. Opel-Vauxhall: E10 petrol is cleared for use in all Opel-Vauxhall vehicles with petrol engines, excluding:  Models with the 2.2 litre direct injection petrol engine, motor code: Z22YH (Vectra, Signum, Zafira). Toyota Motors group: Toyota: E10 petrol is cleared for use in all Toyota European petrol models made from January 1998, excluding: Avensis 2.0 L with engine 1AZ-FSE made between July 2000 and October 2008. Avensis 2.4 L with engine 2AZ-FSE made between June 2003 and October 2008. Volvo cars: E10 petrol is cleared for use in all Volvo cars with petrol engines introduced to the market since 1976 based upon servicing and other conditions according to the equipment and material with which the vehicle . E10 petrol is not cleared for a limited number of S/V40 models with petrol engines produced in the mid-1990s with engine type 1.8 GDI. From https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/1009524/E10-petrol-car-compatible-check-fuel/amp
  8. E10 fuel?

    Would have thought anyone hoarding a classic car would see massive value drop since there will be no fuel to run it in few years. Doubt a conversion is possible or feasible without an engine swap for something more modern.
  9. E10 fuel?

    New article here: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-6109487/Almost-one-million-UK-cars-arent-compatible-new-E10-petrol-set-introduced.html Says come 2020 they will stop selling e5 and high octane fuel and all will go to e10. So whats the verdict? Time to sell up now?
  10. Easy way to clean headlights done!

    Wont use any compound on paintwork risks wearing out the paint. Just use pressure washer to wash the car. Then use shampoo bottle attachment and spray all over the car with pressure washer. Then just rinse the car down with the pressure washer. Takes 10mins and im done.
  11. Easy way to clean headlights done!

    i only did it using the mop on the drill. will get some sand paper and give it a shot.
  12. Easy way to clean headlights done!

    Oh? I been using metal polish tcut brand from the get go on the engine. So i should have used that meguires ultimate stuff on the engine insted? Thats mad. Wasted load of metal polish and not got the results. Damn. Whats most aggressive compound i can get? Dont have the energy to do sand paper by hand and too risky using the electric sander may end up going right through the pipes. On that note anyone know the thickness of those pipes?
  13. Easy way to clean headlights done!

    i got not very far into it, battery ran out but progress was made on the 4 pipes of the intake, 2 of those shined up to mirror like fairly quickly but the cover itself taking ages. will continue another day. but those foam pads dont seem to cut it. need something more abrasive. shine is so much the camera phone cant handle it lol.
  14. Easy way to clean headlights done!

    cool, can it do the engine valve cover and intake manifold too to make it like yours?
  15. got tired of doing it by hand, so bought a kit similar to this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/18x-3-Waxing-Polish-Polishing-Buffer-Pad-Kit-Drill-Adapter-For-Car-Polisher/132678750803 mine has 11 pads in it so was cheaper. i used the orange pad on a cordless screwdriver drill thingy: and the result is : with minimal effort. this is a far better result than iv ever had by doing it by hand. the kit costs 3 quid if u just want 4 sponges, but spend the extra 2 quid as in that link iv given and u get 18 pad kit. next step is to try the engine intake and valve cover.