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  1. Happy Anniversary celicauk!

  2. Happy Anniversary celicauk!

  3. Happy Anniversary celicauk!

  4. I'd suggest you may be able to sell the head, assuming it still has the cams etc. I'd advertise it on some of the Celica/MR2 sites as someone may wish to use it as a mod base. I doubt anyone will want it as a replacement unless its a VVL and they happen to have trashed a head with a dropped lift bolt. If I were you, I would keep hold of it though. Save up some more beanies and have it flowed and new cams profiled. Then you can have a day out to have the heads swapped and gain a bit more from your car The rest is probably junk, if it were mine I would probably take to it with an angle grinder just cos its fun to hack em up and see how they are put together, but thats just me Some of the sensors etc may be worth keeping around, someone may need em some day. If you dont have room, just bin em.
  5. I think if they worked manufacturers would be fitting them, the increase in fuel economy would be worth the thruppence it would cost em, and do they really think AUdi wouldnt whack it in if gained up 50 geegees for sod all effort. Seems mad to me, why spend billions on research when you can just whack a fan in the intake LOL
  6. Frankly I think building a car that resembles an older model is pretty much the kiss of death. The Celica struggles to be taken seriously as it is, in any gen so lets hope they dont do it any further damage.
  7. The G7 was a total switch around for Toyota. It went from the older heavier engineered vehicles to a much lighter weight higher revving setup. This coincided with its drop out from rallying and into F1. Dont forget they tried and proved new materials, most notably MMC for manufacture of the engine and gearbox casings. It shows when you get the two units, you can easily lift a G7 engine without a hoist, do that with a G6 block and your going to need some help from a doctor. They proved the point too. Its easy to forget all about what was actually achieved with the G7 and wobble on about big turbo GT4 cars and the wonderful rallying days but in reality its not as simple as it used to be. Bloody tree huggers LOL I do think it is about time they caught up though. When other manufacturers are managing to squeeze good performance from NA engines there is no reason why Toyota shouldnt do the same. The Celica should still be a four pot I think, stick with the same sort of format although they really must bring back an AWD, cant see it happening unless it can be justified entirely from a handling point of view and they go all out for performance as the AWD will kill the MPG, and thats a selling point these days. I think a good strong 2 litre pushing around 250bhp in NA form with a high RPM, packaged in a body as light as the G7 would be great, that would give them a great dinky coupe that should hold up to honda nicely. The more interesting thing should be a new supra. For me thats got to be a V8, it just wont compete seriously with the offerings from the Germans or even Vauxhall's VXR8 if its not. The price is going to be a big issue here though. The Supra was always too damn expensive. It needs to be coming out for about £35k with all the power and handling needed there in the base model. I'd like to see an extras list that consists of all the junk that you just dont need, auto box, flappy paddles, sat nav, climate control etc. Power and handling all there without any need to spend more money. They do that with a minimum of about 400bhp and RWD and it should be a big winner. Thats my penneth worth anyway
  8. Cant see it being an issue. I used to run mine on track and it never got too hot to touch, unlike the brakes which got bloody hot Just make sure you prep it properly.
  9. oh puh-lease, not the old 140/190 thing again. Have whupped the butski off many a 190 in my boggo 140. It has little to do with the cars, remember, manufacturers numbers do not allow adjustments for the size of testicles/amount of mental that is driving the damn car.
  10. err, unless i missed something it cant. a live axle is described as having a beam setup that allows the power to be transmitted to the wheels and maintain constant rotational direction. In addition the hubs are fixed and as such the wheels cannot have independant suspension. This setup is most common on vehicles with shed loads of power or heavy load haulers. Unless you have binned the suspension setup and fix the axle angle for some reason your car cannot be classed as having a live axle. I suspect someone has the wrong end of the stick and thinks that as an LSD is used to stop the wheels operating independantly under power, therefore giving it some properties of a live axle. A live axle may also be known as a beam axle.
  11. Saw one like this on a Supra quite some time ago, was very similar spec to one I built but with a better install, seller wanted £9k, with nigh on £20k in the engine bay alone it was clearly bollocks
  12. Does anyone remembers the giant Teepee style tent we had for Japspeed at JAE? That thing was awesome, was a one man job to put up/pull down and I doubt it would be much affected by anything. Plus it was the biggest thing on the site besides a tree or two and you just cant miss it. Was about £400 to rent including delivery/erection/take down/removal which I thought was pretty good. Matey who dropped it said they sell em off and they are not that pricey. Well it would be impressive
  13. I am stunned by this. Perry was one of the original hard core members and responsible for some of the best mods on the G7 as well as others. Spent quite a lot of time chatting with him about many ideas and he was always a likeable and helpful bloke. He will be sadly missed by our club as I am sure he will with others. My thoughts are with his family. I hope god has a well equipped garage........
  14. Use MIG or TIG, MIG is most likely. You will need to use a stainless rod unless its at the mild steel flange end, then a mild rod will do. You can weld it gasless with a MIG so it should be easy to get the kit. Better still, find a local welder who can do it for you. Also, make sure you either fit an antisurge to the battery clips or disconnect the battery entirely. this will prevent possible problems with the ECU.
  15. TBH Mr E, I dont think you should feel at all obliged to say anything until your sorted out, your first obligation is to yourself and you have no responsibility for anyone elses vehicle, no matter what the issue. If anyone suspects there may be an issue with their car, then they should have it professionally checked over. Hope you get whatever result it is your after mate. Cheers Simon
  16. Is that the one at reading? If so it was total trash, some of the worst finish I have seen on a car for a long time.
  17. Thats pants but your right, it could of been so very much worse. Seen my car(s) on the back of low loaders so often its a weird month if it doesnt happen
  18. Well that little lot is most entertaining. However, for an interesting way to get lots of boost from a dinky engine like the 3S, try doing something similar to the Supra TT with its sequential chargers. Except in this version, use an SC to pump air into a larger turbo, this should negate the lag on spool up as the turbo could be trimmed to run constantly (much like a diesel) at close to positive pressure. Bleed off the excess for no load setups. Run a nice big SC like the Rotrex I used or seven is setting up. This will shift more than enough air to get the turbo running nice and quick. You could get fancy and have the SC run in low down and using a magnetic clutch have it disengage when the turbo is getting enough exhaust gas to sustain boost. One of the SC I used running its max boost out at about 4000rpm with a large turbo to finish the job to say an 8000rpm redline would be most amusing. And as a by product, it would sound like a jet engine going off everytime you left the lights
  19. Hehehehe, I havent got either and I still manage to be dangerous
  20. Hehehehe, nah, it would be a rear mid, with the tanks up front shouldnt be too bad
  21. Oh and a better idea for the Celica would be the Lexus V8 in the back, tune it to GT500 spec, would be hilarious
  22. Yup, managed to kill it after about 3 weeks. No idea what happened to it other than it was on eBay a while ago and still not running, god alone knows why, it only takes a day to swap the engine out, and thats if you work real slow. If I could afford a project car like that then I would probably give it a go, although to be honest at the mo I'd favour more the idea of turning the engine round in the GTO and nmaking it into a rear wheel drive witht the engine in a bit better a position, would allow for a couple of really big turbos to be mounted nice and neatly so lots of power and, oh bugger, there I go again, getting all carried away with meself
  23. Sadly not, mine had a radio at all times In fact it had a radio more often than it had a gearbox and engine Frodo - Dont think you get my point here. There is no argument that the work done is top notch, no doubt they will apply all the usual tuning to the 3S-GTE and have a decent quick car. But its no different from anything else they have ever done, they only just did the same thing to the corolla, again a nice piece of work but gimme a break, do something new. To be honest, I could of gone down this route 5 years ago when the SC project started, the SC was far more interesting and no one else had succesfully done FI on the new engine. Now if they had perhaps slung that engine in the back and made it a rear wheel drive car then it would of been a much more interesting projecting. Just my tuppence worth on it.
  24. Stick to what you know mentality. Shame as the engineering seems top quality, hopefully someone thee will read this and have a think. They can always send me a PM and i can let them know how to do some interesting things with a G7, or even a G6
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