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  1. Progress made. I stumbled accross this problem solving guide for autowatch online. http://www.suffolkalarms.co.uk/index_files/Problem_Solving.htm So ive tested the alarm and discovered it is the ultrasonic sensors triggering. Sounds like the previous owner has somehow muted the siren. Thankfully there is an option to bypass the ultrasonics when setting by double pressing the fob. This has solved the flashing. Only the doors set it off flashing now when alarm is set. I can live with that. The other thing i noticed is this poorly positioned electrical component in the footwell. Anybody identify whats left of it? Dont think its related to the alarm but might be a stock gen6 component? My foot has caught it this morning so i can see why its been damaged.
  2. Many thanks for that. Good to know the firm is still going that supplied the alarm. I think it was fitted in 2001 so not sure how much support i will be able to get with it now. Going to see what is in the paperwork that came with it and see if i can find anything or even identify what alarm is installed. I had a poke about and spotted some kind of exposed wiring in the footwell that looks like it was some kind of electrical port or button thats been damaged. It has 3 wires exposed and looks like the cover has been kicked off by a clumsy foot. Its located on the side of the A pillar near the throttle. Will get a pic up tomorrow as i cant identify it presently. Not sure if its something to do with alarm or not.
  3. Battery looks pretty new and its turns over fast and strong so don't think thats it. I have narrowed it down to the alarm unit. Lock the car by the key and not with the fob (i assume this just locks the doors and doesnt activate the alarm) its fine. No flashing. Lock with the fob and its flashing after a minute for a few mins. I caught it doing this 3 times on a row after i locked it last so presume something is upsetting the alarm.
  4. I think i have developed a bit of an embarrassing problem with my gen 6. When i lock up about a minute after setting the alarm the hazards start flashing for no apparent reason. Ive opened and shut bonet boot windows doors and tried again but still the old girl flashes. This goes on for about 3 mins. It is fitted with an auto watch alarm inmobilser. No noise or alarm going off just a single series of flashing for 3 mins then thats it gone and no more sets as far as i can tell after sitting out watching for 30 mins. Ive never noticed it before today but have noticed hazards flashing when the boot is opened. Its an import model. Can anybody enlighten me whats normal in terms of setting the hazard lights off on it? Can this function be disabled at all as it draws attention to the car at the petrol station and parking up etc. I have changed the fob batteries this week but it all works fine and no issue with the fob. Maybe its always done this and ive never seen it before now?
  5. I was near Sunny Scunthorpe Lincs last weekend and i saw a beautiful dark blue gen 6 flash past me. Never seen pne that colour before. Yesterday going through York i passed a lovely black gen 6 like mine. I get jelous now knowing mine is on ramps.
  6. Hi, This is probably on here sonewhere but a friend of mine has shared this with me so i thought i would post this link on here for anybody who is interested in workshop manuals. Probably common knowledge but maybe helpful for some people looking. http://bgbonline.celicatech.com I believe it covers all generations too so a good resource.
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