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Everything posted by scorps1212

  1. A good few years back now i got some LED bulbs for my dash and centre console for my GT. I got them from Spree and was very happy with instructions and service he provided. Problem is, Julian isnt doing it anymore........so.......can anyone recommend anyone that can provide the same quality of bulbs for an ST205. I was going to just go on ebay and buy a kit but thought would see if you guys recommend anywhere first.
  2. Ah OK. Lucky bugger. I'll have to lose my coolant to take charge cooler off.
  3. Nice one dude. Big help. I'll check out that link too. Thanks
  4. Hey Chris. Yeah I'm changing the whole dizzy, not just the cap. Gunna change dizzy, rotar arm and dizzy cap. And possibly spark plugs too. That way I know the whole ignition side of things have been changed properly. I'm trying to picture what I gotta do but can't. Lol. I know I gotta mark the notch on the bottom pulley, but I'm confused with this 10 degree mark. What's this all about? I'm guessing it's something to do with the position of the notch on the pulley before screwing the dizzy back into place.
  5. Yeah yeah I know. Lol. Had to sell the GT to pay for all the bits I'm putting on the faff. Lol. It's ashame, I could have got a car in much better condition for the sane price I'm sure. Another question, how the hell did you get the charge cooler off without loosing coolant? Or did you just let the coolant run out of the charge cooler?
  6. You got there first this time dude. Only just though by the sounds of it. Lol. When you say highlight the timing marks, is this on the main drive pulley? Gotta take wheel off and inner wheel arch?
  7. Awesome dudes. Easy to use and easy to set the timing? Does this connect to the car battery?
  8. Hey guys Gotta a dizzy getting delivered soon so am going to need to set the ignition timing up. Got told I need a strobe light to set it. Anyone know if these are expensive and where I can get one from?
  9. Wow dude. Looks good too. So the whole lot slides upwards once you got it all disconnected. I think when it comes to it, I'll have to message you for step by step. Lol.
  10. Ah crap not good. Yeah pics will be awesome. Be good to see. So.....is it easy to remove and put the turbo back in? Looks good Dave
  11. I've just reserved some high temp engine paint in red for the calipers and a paint brush. Lol. Paint was only £8 and brush £2. As for paint for colouring up the engine bay, I'll get them in a spray can and get them blue and black
  12. Can you get it in any colour? I wanna have the engine bay colour feature to be black and blue
  13. Hmm OK. That'll be on my list then. That and new gaskets of course. So you got your heatshield left off too? And you mean 7000 miles? Cause 70km don't sound much since November. But then 7000 miles sounds a lot since November. Lol Need to try and find a local shop that is open on Sunday's that will sell heat proof paint. Heat proof enough for engine and calipers. Planning on taking the calipers off tomorrow to paint them.
  14. Happy days. No rush to get it back on then. Lol. Now I've taken it off, I think it would look better to leave it off and get the manifold painted instead.
  15. Cool dude. It'll it be for a couple of days anyway. I sprayed the Lambar sensor bracket black today, started car up for 5 mins then realised the paint I used wasn't hight temp paint. Oops. Lol
  16. Hey hey hey Is it OK to leave the heatshield off my GT4 for a few days while I get it painted up a little bit? I've got it off and I haven't got time to paint it up today and I need to put the charge cooler back on so I can use the car tomorrow.
  17. Just been told that the air line clamps we got at work are also used for brake lines so i think ill be OK using them.
  18. Yeah I was just trying to save labour costs just to take the calipers off. If it was as easy as sticking air line clamps on, I would have done it myself. But if the hoses are quite 'fragile' I might give it a miss.
  19. So I'm gunna do a bit more faffing tomorrow. Gunna remove the calipers and clean them up. But I need to know whether to get my air line clamps from work or not. When the brake hose is disconnected from the caliper, will there just be a little bit of fluid come out or will there be a lot so it's best to clamp the hose with air line clamps I got at work?
  20. I got a spacesaver coming from Paul now. But thanks, if it doesn't fit over, I'll get some spacers.
  21. Cheers guys. And Paul, if I have no luck with a normal sized wheel, I'll get in touch with ya. Nice one.
  22. Yeah I been searching on eBay but nothing on there. I'll give google a shot. Found one. On eBay as well. Lol. £50 with postage. Bit steep if you ask me buy it's something I need. I suppose the next question is.....will a normal 16" of 17" wheel fit in the spare wheel pit in the boot? Or does it have to be a space saver to fit in.
  23. Cheers guys. I'll check the ET number then and then start looking again. So if my spare wheel didn't fit over the calipers, am I right in thinking the ET number on them are higher than the ones on the car now?
  24. Hey guys I'm after a spare wheel for my ST205. The spare wheel I originally had for my ST202 won't fit over the calipers. Front or back. Info on that wheel is 5 x 100 and offset of 7.0J I'm looking at wheels on eBay. Will an alloy with 5 x 108 and 6.5J fit my car? If not, what is the offset I'm looking for?
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