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  1. Happy Birthday gazmk2!

  2. Happy Anniversary gazmk2!

  3. Happy Birthday gazmk2!

  4. Happy Anniversary gazmk2!

  5. Happy Anniversary gazmk2!

  6. Rear facing up to about 6 months old then you should be able to use a front facing seat. depends on how fast the kid grows really! my daughter was almost too heavy and long to fit in the rear facer when she was 6 months old!
  7. More or less mate, the 1jz engine is 2.5 litres and is a bit more revvy than the 3.0L 2jz from the supra. Also the turbos are not sequential in the soarer either, they just both spool up together unleashing hell!! the soarer is also a much smoother, quieter, bigger and more refined than the supra. Totally different cars to drive basically.
  8. My old V8 as it was, a lot better than the first pic i'm sure you'll agree? Got an offer I could not refuse and sold it, then bought this TT as a project. It needs bodywork and has an oil leak caused by a leaky front crank seal, but it goes like feck and only cost me a grand with a years MOT!! Let the turbo madness begin!!
  9. Righty, this car changed in appearance a heck of a lot!! the gay sideskirts are gone, the crappy wheels are gone and replaced with 16" soarer TT wheels, it has backboxes fitted and a boot spoiler too! the biggest change however is under the bonnet! I sort of slipped and fell, when I got up my car had morphed into a 1JZGTE twin turbo!!! Pics will be up this evening!
  10. Different to american muscle mate. More of a refined bark. Although a previous owner decided to simply remove rhe rear silencers and just leave the bare pipes poking out beneath the boot floor!! trying to find someone to make me up a couple of pipes out to the rear bumper. Fuel isn't that bad. I've been just sitting on a motorway with the cruise set to 75 and it averages around 28mpg. the instant power is awsome though, it pulls like a train from 1500rpm.
  11. K tell me how to post pics using a samsung galaxy s and it shall be done!!
  12. Hey everybody!! after a brief spell with a mitsubishi fto v6 i have returned to toyota ownership!! although not quite a celica, nor is it a supra..............I got me a Soarer 4.0L V8!!! i don't unfortunately have a computer (still) So i can' t upload pics. But it' s a beasty. 1.6 Metric tons and a 4 speed auto and it still times 0-60 in 6.6 seconds and ran a 14.8 second run at 102 mph at santa pod!! shame it still haa the jap 112 mph restriction. Big plans afoot for this car! supercharher conversions are easy to come by and the engine has been proven to run forever even with a supercharger running 6psi with no intercooler giving 400bhp!!! pics coming as soon as!!
  13. best way to reduce body roll is to fit bigger anti-roll bars, all those rubber things do is prop up the car for added tractor stance! they will most probably increase body roll. They were mainly designed for stopping cars from bottoming out when towing something heavy.
  14. Very lucky they didn't just smash your window anyway mate!! I once forgot to lock my car one night while parked up in the centre of oxford and overnight somebody smashed the window and nicked off with the cd player!!
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