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:: blade ::

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  1. Happy 5 Anniversary :: blade ::!

  2. Happy 4 Anniversary :: blade ::!

  3. will these fit gen 6

    Could if you got some hubcentric spacers and have them go from 5x100 to 5x112
  4. prices for parts

    Thinking about stripping my celica again (gen6 gt facelift). Just weighing up my options atm as i have a seized engine. But do have one on hand if i can be bothered to swap it i have all this on it but unsure of what the stuff goes for these days Polybushed wishbones with uprated crush tubes Powerdeck spacer Carbon fibre numperplate holder Meister r coilovers Gen7 wheels with r888 tyres Decat full stainless exhaust Nardi steering wheel Rear strut brace and end caps Ally rad with 2 10" fans Full leather door cards New fuel filler neck Arm rest, gearstick, gaitor gear knob (orange stitching) Facelift rear lights
  5. prices for parts

    As said i bought an engine off ant last yr will price up some parts for the engine and hopefully get the ball rolling with it . Need to fix my s3 1st tho as it needs brakes
  6. I started to do this but im not sure it would look right tbh. Id loke to see it finished tho
  7. celica still dead

    Sooo getting frustrated with this now. My celica died nearly 2 yrs ago now and im just attempting to get it started again. Basically checked earth points and they are all good. Checked fuses and they are good what relays should i check? Had a battery on charge for 2 hours starts my mates car but put it ion mine nothing. All the lights on the dash are lit up bright when i put the ignition on but as soon as i turn it to start the car i get one click from the starter and the lights on the dash dim/turn off. Tried hitting the starter with a hammer and still nothing. Going to try and turn the crank by hand tomorrow hopefully and see if thats free then i can rule out a seized engine. Also done a diag check and its come back as clear, but that could be due to the battery being off for a while. When this all happened there was no warning and it just cut out with no dash lights either and no bad noises from the engine. Tbh the car was running better than ever before this happend. Hope someone can shed some light.
  8. celica still dead

    Its a normal gt and brakes are fine was towed for 5miles with no prob . Will try turning the crank some point this week if i get chance
  9. celica still dead

    Be checking the crank today if i get chance too. Wheels never locked.
  10. prices for parts

    The meister r are pretty much new only done 100miles on them before the car died. And yep its the rear numberplate surround from rt performance. And the rear lights are the jdm ones
  11. celica still dead

    Wheels never locked when i bump started it the 1st time round when when it cut out again it just rolled to a stop. As i said to soul45 its really weird as there was no warning signs of anything going to happen. It was running better than ever
  12. prices for parts

    Yea. Sorry thought i put it above
  13. celica still dead

    Well had another set of eyes on it and swapped the starter motor for it to still do the same. Sooo the conclusion is that the engine is seized cheers soul45 for nipping round
  14. what have you done to your celica today...

    Hit it with a hammer again. Still doesnt start
  15. celica still dead

    Tried bump starting and nothing tried it while towing and nothing. Had 3 batteried on it now. Tried pushing in gear but just rocks like mad. Will try just starting later with soul45 see how that goes. Got a feeling itll be engine change time
  16. celica still dead

    Was going to try turning the engine with a spanner then i finished work but was belting it down. Might give the at got at the weekend. Will check them earths again tomoz. Really hope its not seized tho. Cant be bothered swapping the engine
  17. celica still dead

    Nope wont bump start either. Got the plugs out to look at the piston and all is clear in the 4 cylinders so headgasket aint gone.
  18. celica still dead

    The celica is in ribbleton in preston and the spare engine is in altrincham in manchester
  19. celica still dead

    will take the starter off the other engine i have back in manchester and try that, if its still does the same thing surely i cant have 3 knackard starters doing the same thing?
  20. celica still dead

    hmm, will try and sort that cheers for letting me know should be working now hopefully
  21. celica still dead

    done abit more fettling tonight, tried another battery and this is all the car was doing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AEgDLYhuY4 mess around with some earth points and all of them seemed ok, took the spark plugs out to find that the rocker cover gasket needs changing, then tried to start the car again with a booster pack aswell and all im getting now is this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmrq3PKMGPw checked through the plug holes and all is clean through the hole too,
  22. celica still dead

    Soon as i turn the ignition on bout 10 secs later i can hear the pump. Surely if the fuel pump was nakerd it would still turn over? Just not start. Mines not even turning over. Will try and jump start it tonight see how that goes. Is there a chance it could be seized?
  23. celica still dead

    Im in preston yep cut out whilst driving. Managed to bump start it once and 5mins later cut out and not been able to start it since. Can here the fuel pump when the ignition is on. Iirc i got the starter motor off briano last yr maybe yr before when it happend. I have another engine back in manchester so can take a starter and alternator off that tried jump starting it and bump starting and nothing. Altho yesturday i had the starter clicking really fast but now it wont do that. Will try another battery
  24. Opinions please.

    ive got meister r coilovers on mine, and the ride was perfect when it was set on soft, not harsh at all shame the car broke
  25. what have you done to your celica today...

    Thought about scrapping it again as its still broke