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I was due to replace my front pads & discs and after seeing the brake upgrade option I thought I'd go for it. I found a set of Avensis 295 calipers on ebay for £30, they were in a bit of a mess but I was planning on stripping and rebuilding them so I bought them along with a new seal kit.


Stripped down and looking a bit sorry for themselves


The box my daughters new bike came in made a handy stand for painting the bolts lol


Power coating done and new seals fitted


Quite a size difference between stock and upgrade






New :)

I wasn't bother about drilled or grooved discs so I kept the overall cost down by getting the pads & discs from eurocarparts and using a discount code. To stop the discs rusting I put four coats of Hycotes high temp engine lacquer on them, let them cure for a day then when they were fitted took a slow drive to let the pads mate to the discs the same way you would with the black mtec discs.

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Nice one Jonny :clap:

I chickened out and got them re manufactured @ 50 a side so I didn't chip my manicure :gay:

They don't turn the car into a bonkers BBK servo monster , but they do bite a fraction sooner and stop quicker with less effort imho. How about yours?


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Thanks for the comments :)

They took a few miles to cut through the lacquer and bed in but they're working great now. I work in North Yorkshire so my drive to work covers a lot of country roads, the car definitely stops a lot better now without it being too intrusive. I got the brakes seals on ebay from brakeparts.co.uk, a few people have said they're no good but the seal kit was spot on, after getting the calipers back from the powder coaters I had them put back together and installed within a couple of hours.

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