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  1. Thanks mate makes sense. Obvs I can’t replace it all If I manage to get the bushes done and I assume looking at it, there’s a wishbone each side (so x 4)... so get them all done too?
  2. I’m getting all the suspension re done mate. Have you got details on what rubber bushes you mean or do you mean boot stoppers and stuff like that? Fitting new discs, pad too.
  3. Well....... we are sort of on the same page here I think I’m trying to source all the suspension bits before then and will ask them their best price to fit the new... Hoping for a discount!!!!
  4. I’ve asked about the moisture thing... Reply: ”We use heat lamps to dry car thoroughly before and during the processes, this way we can do them all year round” Seems legit and very professional to be fair.
  5. Yeah courtesy car too, bmw lol Their reply to my last message: ”You get a 4-5 page pdf of photos of the work as part of the guarantee, 17th is fine, should need her for maximum of a weeK”
  6. It’s booked in for a week Monday and they need the car for 7 days....
  7. She sits in my garage all the time so I’m hoping it won’t be an issue #foolshope
  8. Yeah they do it all the time I believe mate... seem to do a lot of work like this from what I’ve been told.
  9. Yeah I’ve asked for clarification because their site suggests going off what they said it should be around £450 max. Their reply: ”Hi Russ I've suggested that the site needs some clarification and I believe my colleague who does all that stuff is in the process of recreating the site. The prices are for the treatment when there little to no preparation work required (stage 1 / stage 2) and they go up when there is stage 3 or stage 4 corrosion. Your car is a borderline 4 from the amount of fairly major rust present but there aren't any holes or pitting evident. I am co
  10. Update on this.... went to the rustproofing place today and they gave me a free look and quote. To be honest I’m but unsure about their findings and whether they are chancing their arm to getting as much money out of me as possible or whether it’s a genuine quote. They said its not the worst but certainly not the best they have seen and it will need a lot of prep to get right. She said it was at stage 4 however on their website stage 4 is proper bad and she said there were no holes or anything like that... so unsure what to think of the quote now. I was expect
  11. It’s cool mate thanks for checking though. Kev has sorted me out. He’s a good egg is our Kev
  12. Toyota told me today that it’s actually been discontinued (they said the opposite before lol)... so it seems they can only be picked up now second hand
  13. Christ that’s lucky mate fair play! You probably owe your friend a few beers and possibly a pie for his efforts So anyone able to help me with some Toyota discount??? Hahahahaha
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