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New Rules WEF 05 May 2013

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These new rules will be embedded into the forum shortly the old rules are now void

For Sale/Wanted Forum Rules

1. This section is provided for the sale of unwanted personal property. Trading is only allowed by Corporate members.

Trading on CCUK is defined as:

a. The supply of goods acquired specifically for the purpose of resale

b. The supply of goods manufactured for the purpose of resale

c. The supply of services for remuneration above out of pocket expenses

d. The breaking of more than one car in twelve month period

2. In addition to item details all advertisements MUST include general location (at least County) and price

3. CCUK does NOT warrant or guarantee any sale or purchase made on CCUK and people entering into it do so at their own risk. This includes misrepresentation and payment disputes

4. Any item, car related or otherwise, may be sold or asked for (as 'wanted). However, the following items are prohibited:

a. Counterfeit Items,

b. Pirated Software.

c. Any form of Liquor, Tobacco, Drugs or Drug related items,

d. Arms, Ammunition, any type of Explosive. Pyrotechnic or Fireworks or items supplied pursuant to their manufacture,

e. Stolen goods.

f. Any items deemed unsuitable by the Club Management.

5. Items not advertised in the correct section may be deleted or moved

6. Only one Topic per advertisement is allowed, double, multiple or cross posting may result in deletion

7. Bumping of a For Sale thread more often than once every 7 days may result in deletion or locking. Bumping includes trivial changes in item details or price changes these can be achieved by editing. There is a button available to Bump legitimately.

8. Negative posting in a For Sale thread is not allowed. If you are concerned by any item offered for sale use the report button to advise the Admin team of your concerns.

9. Hijacking of a For Sale thread by third parties offering alternative items is strictly prohibited

10. Once a sale is completed either Edit your initial post to put SOLD in the title or for non club members report your thread with the word Delete to allow for prompt deletion

11. Any chat which is not directly purchase related may be deleted

12. CCUK WILL NOT release the private information of any purchaser or vendor in private disputes. However, we reserve the right to release this information if there is a legal precedent for which we have been approached directly by duly authorised parties, at our discretion. Use of this facility by any person expressly accepts and permits this.

13. Any for sale thread may be deleted by CCUK management or Moderators with no reason given.

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