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  1. Happy Birthday phunky_nick!

  2. .. - that's exactly the basis I've used to jutify my 350z.. i'm making sure my mid-life crisis doesn't screw any family i have then, out of money - so I'm having a thirsty-quick performance car now is it the Alezan interior too - (baby-poo, as the 350z forums call it...... nice... ) I was offered a GT4 edition 350, in September last year, at £17k, they offered me (with mate's rates) £6,000 for my car, at the time, however - I couldn't justify £11,000 I love the colour combination - gunmetal and the orange leather.. Fuel Economy-wise, I'd say it will be about two thirds what you get in the 140 - it's looking like that in mine, so far. 300 Miles per £45 -£50 tank in the Celica - and 200 for the same cost fill-up in the 350. you'll fall in love with the V6 rumble too quickly - DO IT!
  3. 24mpg if you're lucky - I've been driving mine since saturday, very conservatively, and it's returning 18.5mpg. not lots. I think that's down to the utterly repugnant traffic between crosby and wavertree lately - it seems everyone's new year's resolution was to not take the train. however - .. I'd reckon 24mpg if you had a clear road, few red lights, and didn't have to change gear. still - i've heard so many times, you don't get a 350z if fuel economy is crucial..
  4. Indeed they are Brembos, I'll have to find a good, well-priced source for replacement pads - .. lol Not that I'm caning it, of course.. (in truth, the car still scares me ) Nick.
  5. admitedly, it was worse for my mother - she's always loved the celica, I'd come to think of it as something of a sick relative.. so the parting wasn't as painful. still sad though. here's the new beast..
  6. I just bought one - an '04 plate 'Z GT with 47k on the clock, and specced to the hilt, for £9995.. only got £1850 for my Gen7, but stil... £8000 for a 350z like mine, i think is a bargain. Nick
  7. I traded it in for a Nissan 350z GT - I'd been on the hunt for one since last 'summer', when the celica dealt me a couple of expensive low-blows. I didn't enjoy driving it nearly as much as I used to - so I began looking around.. .. MYK - .. nothing exciting: Old wheels, old springs, and an old cargo net for the boot.. Nick.
  8. I've done it - Traded in my Celica for a new motor.. she's gone - and in retrospect I should have done a comprehensive De-mod, but in the end i just wanted shut. I wouldn't have been able to use the bits, or sell them for much - so I used them to get the best for my car in P/X.. (which really wasn't much) so if you're in the North West, Rochdale area, and see a Lagoon Blue G7 with Awesome wheels and a Naked CarbonFibre GT wing, that'd be my baby, prancing free.. and wheezing occasionally. I have a couple of bits left over that some poor soul might be able to use - and they'll soon go into the Selling/buying place. - so thankyou for the last 3 years, those who i conversed with, and received advice from..! I'll probably maintain my membership, as it's a great club - and worthy of support! Nick.
  9. It's weird, right - Since seeing you, and Alplant in Crosby, I can't remember seeing another Celica club member around and about liverpool.. even motorwaying to Runcorn every day in the 'summer'.. nothing plenty of Celicas though.
  10. They'd suit something like a modded Micra folding hardtop.. or the peugeot cc, or tigra.. Something that's knowingly humerous..
  11. Ah i very much doubt it - from the looks of it, it was a silver one, standard lip and skirts, no wing, no distinct exhaust.. seemingly unmodded except the wheels - which after passing it, looked like the Black/silver momo's that pesty has on his - but they might have been just some other glossblack/chrome lip rims. Hey Al! - .. the Car's running - just about.. lol there's still the nut'n'bolt barrier at about 65, which swells through 70 and 75, then kind-of quietens down at 80.. WHICH I KNOW FROM THE ONE TIME I HAD A REALISTIC DREAM IN WHICH I DROVE MY CAR AT 80... erm.. - yeh - there are still creaks and knocks and whines that I'm not quite as uber-paranoid over.. but still sit heavy on the mind. i tried trading my car in against a 2003 350z with 47k on the clock (£13,000), and was offered £3500 for it a couple of weeks ago... needless to say, it was a learning experience! - now i know what to expect! still.. yes! - Nick
  12. Driving back from a track day on Sunday, from stoke - I saw a silver G7, with what looked like Black and Chrome wheels - The driver reacted in such a way as to suggest he was thinking either.. oh wow - Celica club stickers.. or oh wow.. - what an hilarious piece of crap.. - either way - Spotted! Nick
  13. Ugh, I guess it's the product of loving a car so much, but since last week, getting my car back and having certain things different, i've got the itch now - and can't help but scratch it.. Things like the undertray pinging off before 70mph, the wheel wobble - i'm almost expecting something to fail now.. checking things randomly.. The wheels hum, then whine (kinda like a 1960s film's flying saucer), the volume increases toward 60mph, and tails off toward 80mph.. the front alloys are left warm after my 25 mile commute.. watery sounds behind the dash - interior trim creaking louder and louder.. I hate that Toyota has left me suspicious of my car. Nick.
  14. . I was perusing my wheels for dings and extra unnoticed kerbing.. and not one of my valve caps are on there! - I washed the car on Sunday, and didn't notice their absence.. I guess I need to be philosophical about this .. - it's *only* the valve caps.. (granted they were chrome hexes and finished the wheels off nicely. ) and they didn't let any air out.. and they didn't steal the wheels themselves.. still.. Locking Valve caps!? - .. is there such a thing? First things First - McGuards.. I'm So too complacent. Nick.
  15. Another - BIGGER step. http://www.autocar.co.uk/News/NewsArticle/...ncepts/232133/#
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