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  1. Today after work I gave my baby a major hoover and clean inside and then a wash and polish. Always puts a smile on my face afterwards as I stare out the window at her in the car park. Still looks the best car there in my eyes lol
  2. My new graphic from mook, so chuffed with it. It wasn’t easy to put on and not 100% perfect but it’s on lol
  3. So today in the post came my fist caps and had to collect from post office my new decal from mook. I will put a pic of it up once it’s on as I think it looks amazing and mook has done an amazing job on my idea.
  4. Today washed and cleaned the car and went over the tyre lettering. Considering on tinting the rear lights. Think it would look good
  5. Well yesterday I changed my alternator all by myself lol. really beginning to enjoy being able to do these things I couldn’t before
  6. Today new wheel bolts came so put them on car. Different shade of green to the caliphers but may paint them a different colour or shade some other time
  7. Your welcome Jim. Well first of all when I got home I washed car and then went out for a spin. Loved it as ever car passing the folk weee cranning there necks to look lol as for the driving, yep the steering was lighter but the driving was great. Doesn’t seem to wheelspin now at a standing start too. It felt smoother and less noisy. And according to my mrs she said the wheels make the car bigger lol while I remember what size of wheel nuts do I get when I get the new ones sorted out? Thanks again
  8. Well today I took a drive to sunny Arbroath and met jim7564. It was great to finally put a face to the messages and especially all the great help he has passed on. And....... I got new alloys and tyres. Also he kindly gave me a headlight and rear strut brace. Btw guys the Lego oil tog is truly one massive project. This guys talent is next to none. My daughter who had come with me was memorised with the amount of Lego he hasn’t and all the models that he has made. it was all she talked about on the way home and has decided she will do the same with her Lego lol.
  9. Still un-beaten in league. Atletico Madrid is the next challenge
  10. Forgot I had this club sticker lying about so added to rear window
  11. That’s one mean looking car. Love it. My youngest son is into cars and he’s now wanting me to get one. I wish!!!! Today was dry so just gave Car a clean again lol inside and out So been a good day, clean car, daughter won her football game, oldest son won his football game, my home team Aberdeen won and my English team Leeds won.
  12. Nice, what did that cost? I did think about changing my knob ( snigger snigger) as it’s basic bland looking to something interesting on my gen 6
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