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  1. No only if aftermarket bulbs. If they are standard then you're good to go... Unless you're pushing out more than 2000 lumens, or you don't have a levelling device... Or there's a y in the month or if the tester got laid the night before. There are new drafts for this stuff but as far as I'm aware projector housings with HIDs and a self levelling system (operated from the driving position) should be OK but there's a hint of the washers being needed for non standard on some references so I added them.
  2. Yeah, just extended from the standard pump. Was going to fit HIDs so needed them for MOT test but went with LEDs in the end.
  3. Complementary mod underway as weather prevents fitting the coilovers...
  4. Just sayin' Old and New. No, I didn't replace with the same style, I used the torx ones.
  5. Just replaced all the nuts, lucky I did since half of them were rusted to the point that a slightly used key would strip the splines
  6. With huge thanks to Arizona for coming over this evening I am now mobile again Dirty I know but does the trick... Now need to sort a pair of tyres
  7. You realise that's a bit scary, right?
  8. So on a similar subject, the car has Jade R wheels with these silly little wheel nuts... but the spare is a standard GT wheel (with a brand new P Zero ). Will the same wheel nuts hold the standard wheel on or is it the usual Toyota flat washer bit? Only needs to get me three miles to the tyre place...
  9. AA, but car now back at digs. Got a wee electric compressor in there but only drives a couple miles before it's under 10psi again. Called in to Kwikfit n they said no chance with what they have there - and please don;t all start shitting on them...they fill a niche.
  10. looking for one asap, flat tyre and can't get wheel off. I'm stuck in Farnborough and can't get out
  11. You can get them on Ebay - I have one you can have for postage as breaking the car. Located by driver's right calf forward of the door hinge. Need to remove trim.
  12. Yup - I use one of these. Extended to undo, closed up to tighten, and tighten as much as I can
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